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Indie Summit 2011 Tale of the Tape: Jun Kasai
Friday, November 11, 2011 @ 12:38pm EST

When the staff of heard about the Indie Summit taking place prior to Cage of Death 13 on December 3rd, everyone got excited.  Surely the fans of CZW across the world felt the same way about that announcement.  When many heard about the event, many felt that they would see the best talent Japan has to offer.  It just so happens that one of those talents is a VERY familiar face in the Combat Zone…  “The Crazy Monkey” Jun Kasai!

Kasai was born in Hokkaido but he claims that he is from Hiladelhia, America on his official website.  That is because he has described Philadelphia as his second homeland.  In reality, that is not far from the truth as this will now be the second time Kasai has ventured to the Asylum Arena in South Philadelphia THIS YEAR.  In 1998, Kasai made his debut in Big Japan Pro Wrestling in Osaka during the Deathmatch Wrestling boom of the late 90s. As BJW established a working relationship with CZW at the turn of the millennium, Kasai joined the stable "CZW Warriors" (CZW Army) and battled against the "BJW Warriors".  It was during that time when he moved to Philadelphia to compete in CZW regularly for a brief time.

After having many matches in CZW, Kasai returned to Japan. Since then Kasai has wrestled mainly for BJW and occasionally for other promotions such as including the promotion he will be representing on December 3rd, FREEDOMS.

It is a well known fact that Kasai's body is covered in scars, from all the ultraviolent contests he’s competed in.  He wears these scars as badges of honor.  Probably his most scars came at CZW Un F’n Believable during a Fans Bring the Weapons Match.  It was during that match that Kasai was sent sailing through a light tube board which ripped open his left elbow, exposing bone.

The last time Kasai was in the Combat Zone he unfortunately left a defeated man as he lost the CZW Ultraviolent Underground Championship to Danny Havoc.  So expect a Jun Kasai ready to avenge that loss and make Cage of Death 13 weekend a memorable one!

Tale of the Tape:
     •    Height:  5'8"
     •    Weight: 88kg (190 lbs.)
     •    Date of Birth: 09/09/1974 (Age:  37)
     •    Hometown:  Hiladelhia, America
     •    Debut – 08/23/98
     •    Finishing moves
          o    Pearl Harbor Splash (Diving splash, sometimes onto a fluorescent lamp)
          o    Sudden Impact (High–angle implant DDT)
     •    Signature moves
          o    Backslide
          o    Brainbuster
          o    Corporal Punishment (Elevated powerbomb)
          o    Diving headbutt
          o    Enzugiri
          o    German suplex
          o    Saito suplex
          o    Seated chinlock
     •    Nicknames
          o    "Blood"
          o    "666"
          o    "The Crazy Monkey"
     •     Championships Held
          o    Apache Pro Wrestling / Apache Army
               WEW World Tag Team Championship (2 times) – with Jaki Numazawa (1) and Tomoaki Honma (1)
          o    Big Japan Pro Wrestling
               WEW Hardcore Tag Team Championship (1 time) – with The W*NGer
               BJW Tag Team Championship (3 times) - with Jaki Numazawa
          o    Ice Ribbon
               International Ribbon Tag Team Championship - with Miyako Matsumoto
          o    Combat Zone Wrestling
               CZW World Tag Team Championship (1 time) – with Men's Teioh
               CZW World Junior Heavyweight Championship (1 time)
               CZW Ultraviolent Underground Championship (1 time)

December 3, 2011 will surely be a memorable night thanks to Jun Kasai.  Be sure to visit the CZW Pro Shop at the Asylum Arena THIS SATURDAY as tickets will be on sale for this groundbreaking event, because you most definitely will NOT want to miss the Indie Summit!  Remember, if you are unable to attend live and in person, you will have the chance to watch both the Indie Summit and Cage of Death 13 LIVE on iPPV at!

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