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Indie Summit 2011 Tale of the Tape: Dick Togo
Saturday, October 29, 2011 @ 07:18pm EDT

 In early 2011, Dick Togo announced that he would be embarking on his very last tour of the world as he plans to wind down his career by early 2012.  Combat Zone wrestling has been deemed with the honor of hosting Dick Togo’s last matches in America as part of the 2011 Indie Summit and Cage of Death 13 on December 3, 2011 at the Asylum Arena. As counts down the days until those two huge events, will be here to introduce you (or in the case of Togo reintroduce you) to the Japanese talent that will take part in the Indie Summit.

Over the course of his career, Dick Togo has performed for numerous Japanese promotions as well as American promotions.  During his career, Togo most famously formed a stable called Kaientai DX with other top Japanese talent such as TAKA Michinoku, Funaki, Men's Teioh, and Shiryu.  Dramatic Dream Team (DDT, who is one of the hosts of this year’s Indie Summit at the Asylum Arena) held the Dick Togo Japanese Retirement Show at Korakuen Hall in Tokyo on June 30, 2011. In the main event Togo defeated Gedo in his final match in Japan.  Now Togo comes to the United States for the very last time to compete at the Indie Summit against one of DDT’s top talents, Kudo.

Tale of the Tape:

    Height - 5 ft 7 in
    Weight - 97 kg (210 lb)
    Born - August 17, 1969 (age 42)
    Hometown - Odate City
    Trained by Gran Hamada
    Debut - June 5, 1991

        Diving senton

    Signature Manuevers
        Diving front flip cutter
        Double underhook facebuster
        Reverse STO
        Slingshot somersault senton
        Standing moonsault
        Tornado DDT

    Championships Held

        100% Lucha
            100 % Lucha Champ of Champions (Desafío Mundial / Global Challenge), Argentina (1 time)
         Dramatic Dream Team
            DDT Ironman Heavymetalweight Championship (1 time)
            DDT KO-D Openweight Championship (3 times)
            DDT KO-D Tag Team Championship (3 times) - with Nobutaka Moribe (1) and Antonio Honda (1) PIZA Michinoku (1)

        El Dorado Wrestling
            TREASURE HUNTERS Tag Team Tournament (2006) - with Shuji Kondo
            UWA World Trios Championship (1 time) with PIZA Michinoku and Antonio Honda

        Michinoku Pro Wrestling
            British Commonwealth Junior Heavyweight Championship (1 time)
            Tohoku Junior Heavyweight Championship (1 time)
            Tohoku Tag Team Championship (1 time) - with The Great Sasuke
            UWA/UWF Intercontinental Tag Team Championship (1 time) - with Gedo

        New Japan Pro Wrestling
            IWGP Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Championship (1 time) - with TAKA Michinoku

        Osaka Pro Wrestling
            Osaka Pro Wrestling Championship (1 time)

        Pro Wrestling ZERO1-MAX
            AWA World Junior Heavyweight Championship (1 time)
            NWA International Lightweight Tag Team Championship (1 time) - with Ikuto Hidaka

        Universal Lucha Libre
            UWF Super Welterweight Championship (1 time)

        World Entertainment Wrestling
            WEW Six-Man Tag Team Championship (1 time) - with Kintaro Kanemura and Masao Orihara

 December 3, 2011 will be the absolute last chance to witness the Japanese legend, Dick Togo, in action here in the United States.  Be sure to visit the CZW Pro Shop when tickets are made available for this groundbreaking event, because you most definitely will NOT want to miss the Indie Summit as Dick Togo is worth the price of admission!

Dick Togo

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