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Indie Summit 2011 Tale of the Tape: Danshoku Dieno
Thursday, November 3, 2011 @ 07:07am EDT

When the staff of heard about the Indie Summit taking place prior to Cage of Death 13 on December 3rd, everyone got excited.  Surely the fans of CZW across the world felt the same way about that announcement.  When many heard about the event, many felt that they would see the best talent Japan has to offer.  Of course that is what will happen.  However, the Combat Zone may not yet be ready for Danshoku Dieno of DDT.

There are wrestlers that are weird, crazy, and just unexplainable in the world of wrestling…  Then there is Danshoku Dieno.  Danshoku Dieno has no problem admitting to his sexual preference nor does he have a problem with exploiting the homosexual fears of his opponents.  Because of his over-the-top antics, the fact that he’s one of the top wrestlers DDT has ever had is overshadowed.  He is so skilled in the ring that he even participated in the 2009 Super J-Cup Tournament. Depending on your feelings, he’s either very silly to watch or very difficult to watch. Either way, Dieno will be a Japanese competitor you will never forget.  You, the Combat Zone, will get to decide your feelings on Danshoku Dieno on December 3rd at the Indie Summit from the Asylum Arena in South Philadelphia.

Tale of the Tape:
     Height: 5'8"
98kg (216lbs)
     Date of Birth:
5/18/1977 (Age:  34)
Hiromisha Prefecture
     Trained by
Sanshiro Takagi

          Diving senton
     Signature Manuevers
          Danshoku Driver - It's a Piledriver with his opponents head tucked in his tights.
          Danshoku Destroyer - A Destroyer version of the Danshoku Driver.
          Danshoku Nightmare - He pulls his tights down and squats on his opponents face. Before doing he yells "Nightmare" to the crowd.
          Lip Lock - Kisses opponents and occasionally makes them faint.
          Danshoku Claw - Grabs his opponent’s crotch while applying a Spinning Toe Hold.
          Danshoku Screw - Grabs opponents crotch and gives it a Dragon Screw.
          Danshoku Spider - Sits opponent’s on the top rope and grabs their crotch before giving them a Spider Suplex.
          Cock Bottom - Puts his opponent’s hands in his crotch and gives them a Rock Bottom.
          Pipe Cutter - Grabs his opponent’s crotch and gives it a Diamond Cutter.
          Danshoku Stunner - Grabs his opponent’s crotch and gives it a Stunner.
          Complete Shot - Often done while grabbing his opponent’s crotch.
          La Magistral - Often done while grabbing his opponent’s crotch.
          Danshoku Bearhug - It's similar to a Bearhug, except he rubs on his opponent’s body as he has it on.
          Sweet Chin – Superkick to opponent’s crotch.
          Alsen Chin - An Argentine Backbreaker while grabbing his opponent’s crotch.
          Vertical Drop Brainbuster
     Championships Held

          Dramatic Dream Team

               DDT Extreme Division Championship (4 times)
               DDT Ironman Heavymetalweight Championship (15 times)
               DDT KO-D Openweight Championship (1 time)
               DDT KO-D Tag Team Championship (2 times) - with Glenn Spectre (1) and Kota Ibushi (1)
          El Dorado
               UWA World Trios Championship (1 time) – with Hikaru Sato and Masa Takanashi

December 3, 2011 will surely be a memorable night thanks to Danshoku Dieno, when he competes against the CZW Owner, DJ Hyde.  Be sure to visit the CZW Pro Shop when tickets are made available for this groundbreaking event, because you most definitely will NOT want to miss the Indie Summit!  Remember, if you are unable to attend live and in person, you will have the chance to watch both the Indie Summit and Cage of Death 13 LIVE on iPPV at!

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