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Gulak to Challenge MASADA at Tangled Web 6
Wednesday, July 17, 2013 @ 09:30pm EDT

At New Heights on Saturday, Drew Gulak defeated Tommy Dreamer to become the new #1 Contender for the CZW World Championship.  CZW Officials have confirmed that Gulak will challenge MASADA at Tangled Web 6 on Saturday August 10th.

Since late 2010, Drew Gulak has been on a mission to "change" the Combat Zone.  Nick Gage specifically sparked the campaign Gulak has been on.  Gage defined the early years of CZW, many give him the distinction of "The Man."  It was in December, 2010 when Gage infamously robbed a South Jersey bank.  Thanks to that one incident, the Combat Zone has become Gulak's political soapbox.  Gulak has since pledged to change the image of the Combat Zone.

Gulak has seemingly targeted the Ultraviolent Athletes that CZW is famously known for.  First going to war with Danny Havoc over the course of 2012.  Beginning in 2013, Gulak and his Campaign have changed their approach.  Unsuccessfully, the Campaign have tried to win over the famous CZW audience.  Despite not winning the "popular vote," Gulak has managed to win the approval of someone in management to be afforded the opportunities in recent months that led to a #1 Contender's Match.

Gulak now has the ultimate opportunity to make his promises come true.  Gulak can take out the new image of CZW...  The Ultraviolent Beast MASADA!  Since 2011, MASADA has garnered iconic status the likes of Nick Gage.  MASADA has NOT been pinned since June 2011!  He has reigned as champion for 16 months.  He has taken on all comers, with varied specialties, and defeated them all!  Most recently, MASADA with a badly injured knee defeated the ferocious Chris Dickinson.

Each month since March 2012, the Top Ten list has asked the question "Can MASADA be beaten?"  But for the first time ever asks the question, can MASADA WIN? when off the air on Saturday with MASADA being laid out by the Gulak Campaign for a Better Combat Zone.  Many saw into the future at the moment, believing we will see the end of the Ultraviolent Beast.  Should the Beast's reign be ceased, does this spell the end of the Ultraviolent style for good?  Surely that would be Gulak's dream, and every fan's nightmare.

MASADA and Gulak enter the most feared event of the summer on Saturday August 10th at the Flyer's Skate Zone in Voorhees, NJ to determine who will be CZW World Champion.  For tickets, visit the CZW Pro Shop NOW.  For those who cannot attend live but wish to follow the event can do so at  To discuss all the action heading into Tangled Web 6"Like" CZW on Facebook  or follow CZW on Twitter (@combatzone #TW6).

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