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The following message was received by CZW Management earlier today from former CZW Tag Team and Jr. Heavyweight Champion GREG EXCELLENT. As of press time, CZW officials have yet to respond to Excellent's request...

"As I sit here enjoying a double glazed, trying not to get Bavarian crème on my laptop, I’m forced to reflect on how things change. For months, the Deej has told me I’ve had to “step up and prove myself”. And amidst all of the fighting we did with those now defunct Switchblades, I really tried to. I mean seriously, I got power bombed onto a pain of glass and a television. Not to mention at “Tangled Web 3”, available at (cheap plug, I know), I tasted that barbed wire web on more than one occasion… and DJ and I still found a way to win that big main event match. And yet, it still isn’t enough.

A few days ago, the Deej called. In no certain words he made it clear that if I didn’t “step it up”, he didn’t know what he may have for me in the future. I know he’s under a lot of pressure, being injured and all… but what else can I do right? Well… My momma always told me “when the going gets tough, the tough get going”, but in all fairness she also said “Carrot Top is a great entertainer”. I guess if I’m going to prove myself, I need to make a challenge. I need to challenge the toughest. I need to challenge the best. I need to challenge…. The Man.

Last month I watched as Drew Gulak, or as I’ve come to know him, a poor man’s Brad Armstrong (without the talent or the charisma), get an opportunity of a lifetime. Drew stood across the ring from a guy who’s accomplished more in over a decade in the combat zone than most could ever dream. And rather than relish the chance to go to war with a CZW Legend…. He squandered his opportunity, and left Brett Lauderdale (or a poor mans Nick Patrick… without the talent or ability to grow facial hair), to pay the price. I know I don’t deserve this, but I’m asking anyway. Nick Gage, if your reading this… hell, if someone will read this to you… it would be an honor to step into the ring and do battle with you kind sir. Ok, so your not so kind… and you kind of scare me… but I respect you Gage. You are the toughest man I’ve ever seen compete. Think of it as someone new to beat the shit out of Gage. The fact is, I have to prove myself. I have to. I could challenge Moxley, I could challenge Brain Damage, but they aren’t The Man. If I’m going to keep my job, I have to step up and there is nobody better to do that with than you. Please Nicky, I’m pleading with you… step into the ring with me and help me show DJ I still belong here.

So on October 9th, the day before I celebrate my birthday… if I make it… at CZW “It’s Always Bloody in Philadelphia”, fans… I’ve given you mountain dew, I’ve given you T&A (not just my own), now let me give you Gage vs. Excellent. Now off to get a Frosty. - G.E.


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