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Great Things Come in 3's...
Tuesday, January 11, 2011 @ 08:19am EST

"Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth." - Buddha

CZW kicked off the new year running in the beginning of FROM SMALL BEGINNINGS COME GREAT THINGS. Our boss, DJ Hyde, made the match that wrestling fans have been clamoring for for a year now.  In February at XII, a grudge match with nearly two years of history will go down.  Making his return to the Combat Zone will be"THE NEW AGE PUNISHER" B-BOY.  His opponent, making plans to usher in a "Golden Era" in CZW is none other than "GOLDEN BOY" DRAKE YOUNGER.  With that announcement, let's take a look back at the events which have led to what is certain to be another epic encounter.

In October 2009 at Severed Ties, Drake Younger defended the CZW World Heavyweight Championship against B-Boy in a match that was considered to be not only CZW's match of the year, but one of the best matches ever in professional wrestling.  The fans in the Asylum Arena were brought to their feet and members of the CZW locker room surrounded the ring to cheer both men on.  Just when it had looked as if Drake's reign as the CZW World Champion was about to come to an end, he emerged victorious.  The CZW fans demanded a rematch between the two, marveling at the contest they witnessed.

Three months later, the wrestling world got its wish.  Last January at High Stakes 4: Sky's the Limit, Drake Younger found himself defending the CZW World Heavyweight Championship against B-Boy for a second time.  The fans were once again on their feet in a show of adulation as both men pushed themselves to their respective limits for the richest prize in the Combat Zone.  When the dust settled, a battered and bloody B-Boy was standing tall as the new CZW World Heavyweight Champion.  The record long championship reign of Drake Younger had come to an end just as 2010 was beginning.

The paths of Drake and B-Boy would cross again in July.  Drake Younger had been stripped of the CZW World Tag Team Championship after his partner, Eddie Kingston, had thrown down the titles the month before & left the Combat Zone.  Hoping to compete in the tournament for the vacated titles, Drake teamed with B-Boy against The Best Around in a tournament qualifying match.  Though both men functioned well as a unit, it was ultimately TBA who scored the pinfall and qualified.

Fans began to wonder if this was the last of B-Boy in the Combat Zone, as he seemed to disappear after this loss.  In October at It's Always Bloody in Philadelphia, Drake shocked everyone in CZW by becoming the Judas of The Suicide Kings.  After attacking his former friends and leaving them for Cult Fiction to destroy, Drake underwent a metamorphosis.  In November at Night of Infamy: Betrayal, "The Golden Boy" declared "The Psycho Shooter" dead and aligned himself with Cult Fiction to face his former friends at Cage of Death XII in December.

As war raged inside "the construction of destruction", Scotty Vortekz stormed the ring with a weedwhacker in hand.  Upon seeing potential retribution for his actions, Drake eliminated himself from "the innovation in devastation" and went to the back.  When the carnage had ended, Drake stormed the ring to destroy the carcass of Devon Moore.  As Drake ran down CZW, the wrestlers, and most importantly, the CZW fans, B-Boy's music blared in the sold out Asylum Arena and the New Age Punisher sent the Golden Boy packing.

At the 12th anniversary show, these two men will once again wage war in the Combat Zone.  This time, however, it's not about championship gold.  It is, however, about pride, respect, and the chance to finally show everyone who in fact the better man is.  Don't be left out in the cold when CZW returns to Philadelphia on Saturday night, February 12th.  Get your tickets NOW!!!

Written for by CJ Becker


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