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From the Press Box: World Junior Heavyweight Title Showdown
Saturday, November 5, 2011 @ 09:02am EDT

One of the biggest rivalries in all of professional wrestling will finally come to a head as CZW presents Night of Infamy on Saturday night, November 12th. In one corner will be ADAM COLE, the 2011 Best of the Best & current CZW World Junior Heavyweight Champion.  In the other will be the man Cole defeated to win the tournament in April, SAMI CALLIHAN.  With the wrestling world abuzz about the confrontation, the staff here at is taking time out of preparation for the event to share with you, the CZW fans, who we think will stand victorious when the dust settles.

CJ Becker – SAMI  CALLIHAN – Like all of you, I've been waiting for this match since the conclusion of Best of the Best in April.  Ever since winning the Jr. Heavyweight Championship, Adam Cole's ego has inflated to a level William Shatner could only dream of.  He's turned his back on friends.  He's disrespected the locker room.  He's disrespected the championship & everyone who has held it before him; who the HELL takes a 2 month vacation while holding a championship?  Remember when champions had to defend their belts or be stripped?  Apparently that doesn't happen when you're the boss's meal ticket.  He's disrespected Sami Callihan by making him jump through hoops just to get his rightful rematch.  And most importantly, he's disrespected YOU, the CZW fans, by making you wait this long for this match.  While Cole's behavior makes me sick, I will give credit where credit is due.  He's a phenomenal talent & the encounter between him and Sami Callihan will certainly top the finals of Best of the Best.  Callihan has a fire fueled by anger like no other.  And while anger can be your worst enemy, the deciding factor in this match will be that of fear.  Cole is AFRAID.  Afraid of failure, losing, etc.  Sami has proven time & again that he is a man without fear.  When it's all said & done, I firmly believe Sami Callihan will be standing tall with the CZW World Junior Heavyweight Championship around his waist.

Dan Cowhey – SAMI CALLIHAN – Who SHOULD win?  Sami Callihan…  It wasn’t all that long ago I was blogging about how Sami Callihan has all the tools to be the top of the Combat Zone mountain.  I think many of you agree with me on that assessment.  You’ll also have to agree that Callihan, as I’ve also written about, has trouble “winning the big one.”  As critical as I have been on Callihan over the last year, at Best of the Best X that “brass ring” was yanked from Callihan’s hand.  Callihan had Cole tapping out, but the referee wasn’t available to make the judgment because he was incapacitated by Cole earlier.  In my opinion, as long as whoever the referee assigned to the match is can keep all of the underhand tactics of Adam Cole, Mia Yim, and DJ Hyde at bay, I think Callihan will finally win “the big one.”  This is the win that Callihan not only needs, but he deserves!  However, the skeptic inside me feels that this is a battle that Callihan will never be able to win.

JAKE Black – ADAM COLE – Sami Callihan is one of, if not the most gifted competitor in CZW. Callihan can defeat anyone in CZW on any given night.... when the pressure isn't on hard. As my (not by choice) colleague, Dan Cowhey stated Callihan has trouble "winning the big one". And Night of Infamy is Callihan's biggest one to date. Callihan has seven months of anger and rage festering inside him over what took place at Best of the Best X (when Cole defeated Callihan with his own Stretch Muffler, Callihan is a sore loser), Callihan is also getting his first shot at a CZW Championship in 21 months. A lot of pressure is on Callihan. Meanwhile, Cole is on top of the world. Cole has "The Inventor of the Lariat, The Creator of CZW and the Wrestling Messiah" DJ Hyde on his side, a rock solid 10 girlfriend in Mia Yim with him every night and has been the reigning and defending Junior Heavyweight Champion for 18 months. November 12 in Philadelphia is a battle between a man on top of the world and a man who wants to reach the top of the world. Who will come out on top? The man who is already there, Adam Cole.

Salamander Jones – UNDECIDED – Let me start by saying I desperately want Callihan to win.  That may come as a shock to many people given the relationship I have had with Sami in the past, but as I explained to my broadcast partner Jake Black at Cerebral, Callihan was one of the people who reached out to me when I was exiled from the booth for speaking out against DJ Hyde.  I watched Callihan battle the tyranny of our ego-maniacal boss and his pride & joy Adam Cole month after month.  It was incredibly satisfying to call the big tag team match last month and see Excellent & Callihan standing tall from the best seats in the house.  I was sure Callihan would ride the momentum to Night of Infamy and his first Junior Championship reign.

But then the big announcement came for our show in Indianapolis: Callihan would have to take on DJ Hyde in an UV match of his choosing.  As of this writing, that match has not yet occurred; but even if Sami is victorious, what kind of shape will he be in for NOI, which is only one week after that match?  Even if Greg completely neutralizes Mia Yim at NOI, Callihan is going up against one of the best young talents in the business at less than 100% and Hyde is sure to try to get involved in the match. I don't know if even the intensity & desire of CZW's "Little Monster" are enough to overcome those odds.

I'd love to see Callihan's hand raised in victory, but I don't know if I will with the deck so stacked against him.  It may seem like a cop out to some, but this is a "wait & see" situation for me. That being said…  Screw impartiality: Let's go Sami, clap clap clapclapclap...

Nate Stein – DJ HYDE – When the dust settles, who will stand victorious? Will it be The Callihan Death Machine - The New Horror - The Switchblade Conspiracy - The Killer from Ohio - the man with more riding behind him, turning more heads, and leaving more broken bodies in his wake than some masked killer in a horror flick...or how about Adam Cole - The Panama Beach Playboy - The Golden Child - The Kid With the Biggest Future in Wrestling Today? Well, how about this? Whether or not it's Sami Callihan after tearing off Adam Cole's leg and beating him with it or Adam Cole with yet another golden moment, with the help of the gorgeous Mia Yim, there is only one man at the end of the day who will be victorious, CZW Owner DJ Hyde. Will DJ walk out the Junior Heavyweight champion? Oh, hell no. But will he make Sami's life a living hell if he wins? Yes. Will DJ ride Cole's win to proclaim his own good works? Yes. There is only one man who will walk away from this match thinking he's just pulled one over on everyone, and that's DJ Hyde.

A seven month quest for Sami Callihan will come to an end at Night of Infamy.  Will he end the record setting reign of Adam Cole & become the new CZW World Junior Heavyweight Champion?  Or will the reign of Adam Cole continue?  Tickets for Night of Infamy are on sale in the CZW Pro Shop.  Don't be left out in the cold on this last stop on the Road to Cage of Death 13; ORDER YOUR TICKETS NOW!

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