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From the Press Box: Tournament of Death XI Edition
Wednesday, June 13, 2012 @ 05:42pm EDT

It's that time of year again; time to load up the cars with coolers of beer & enjoy the sunshine...and bloodshed as the CZW faithful prepare for the annual pilgrimage to Delaware. It's time for the most brutal...the most violent tournament in all of professional wrestling. It's time for Tournament of Death XI! As we have done in the past, the staff here at has taken time out of their schedules to weigh in on who they think will take home the coveted trophy this year.

CJ Becker – MASADA – The current CZW World Heavyweight Champion has been unstoppable since last summer. He won the TOD X trophy & the Ultraviolent Underground Championship a couple of weeks later in one of the bloodiest matches in the history of the Combat Zone. Destroying everyone in his path, MASADA captured the CZW World Heavyweight Championship this year & has continued to annihilate everyone in his path. This is the fourth time "the Ultraviolent Beast" will be participating in TOD. He is out to maintain complete dominance of CZW, having not been pinned or made to submit since last year's tournament. MASADA also has a chance to capture his second TOD trophy...a record that, depending upon how you look at the CZW record books, hasn't officially been broken since Wifebeater won his second TOD trophy in 2004. There's no doubt in my mind that MASADA will carve a swathe of destruction through this year's tournament and take home his second TOD trophy.

Dan Cowhey – MASADA – I have to agree with CJ.  As much as I would like to see Matt Tremont win so he can shut Hyde up…  The fact remains, MASADA can’t be stopped.  Its been said already, but the man hasn’t been pinned in 12 months!  Quite frankly, he hasn’t really even lost.  Every time he did not come out “the winner,” he was not involved in the decision.  However, the one man who could MAYBE stop MASADA’s streak is the man he facing in the first round, Scot Summers.  I believe I saw Summers claim on his social media pages that MASADA hasn’t be able to beat Summers.  If that is true, both Becker and I could be very wrong.  But after last year’s outing where the Beast powerbombed Masashi Takeda into a cinderblock fire pit, I find it very hard to believe there is anyone who can stand toe-to-toe with the CZW World Heavyweight Champion

JAKE Black – Lucky tHURTeen – It’s the most brutal day of action anywhere in the world. Men like Drake Younger, MASADA, and Danny Havoc have all survived and thrived in TOD before. Devon Moore has walked out of Cage of Death the victor twice, and Abdullah Kobayshi has digested more glass than one can imagine. But for some reason I’m picking Lucky. It’s a bad bet, and outside of CZW I make a living gambling and with all these ultraviolent gladiators in one tournament, I’m picking the underdog. In the opening round, he’ll be getting smashed in the Drunken Scaffold Match. I’m expecting Lucky to be fueled by liquid courage all afternoon and come out victorious… or with alcohol poisoning.

Nate Stein – Drake Younger – This is normally where I would pull something out like "The Fans". But let's look at this match to match. Drunk Scaffold Match - those reprobates will probably be too drunk to climb the scaffold or break a leg on the way down, though I hope Lucky of all of them makes it. I would pick MASADA, but his road schedule has to be wearing on him. Tremont? Neither Abdullah or DJ Hyde will let him make it past the first round. Mondo...well, please...Mondo is Mondo...and Drake Younger is f'n Drake Younger. The CZW World Junior Heavyweight champion will again make mince meat out of this wanna be. My call for the winner? DRAKE YOUNGER!
Tickets for Tournament of Death XI are on sale now in the CZW Pro Shop. If you can't be there in person, Tournament of Death XI will be a delayed iPPV event available on Sunday, June 24th at .This is certain to be the hottest & bloodiest wrestling event of the summer. Don't get burned...order your tickets NOW! Be sure to join in on the conversation by “Liking” CZW on Facebook or by Following CZW on Twitter @combatzone #TOD

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