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From the Press Box: The Final Encounter
Saturday, April 13, 2013 @ 06:43am EDT

When you think of the all time great feuds here in the Combat Zone, the rivalry between SAMI CALLIHAN and ADAM COLE immediately comes to mind. This Saturday at the Flyers Skate Zone, two of the most celebrated talents in CZW will clash with each other one final time. Once again, the staff here at has taken time out of preparation for Saturday's event to weigh in with our picks:

CJ Becker - SAMI CALLIHAN - This rivalry all started "Best of the Best X" in 2011 when Cole won the tournament by defeating the Death Machine in the finals. The remainder of the year saw Callihan trying to get his hands on the Panama City Playboy at every opportunity. When he defeated Cole for the CZW World Jr. Heavyweight Championship at "Night of Infamy: Ultimatum", everyone thought the feud was at an end. Then June 2012 came around, where the rivalry was reignited. Five months later, the duo would cross paths once again at "Night of Infamy 11" where the challenge would be issued the following month for "Cage of Death 14".  Not content with being tied with wins over each other, this feud has come to 2013. In singles matches, Sami & Cole each hold 2 wins over the other; Sami holds 3 over Cole adding in the victory in the intergender tag team contest at the 14th anniversary show this past February. Rumors are running rampant about what Sami's secret is that DJ alluded to at WrestleCon; this may very well be a factor in the contest. Ultimately, I believe you will see the Death Machine emerge victorious in the final encounter between two of CZW's finest.

Dan Cowhey - ADAM COLE - I am a huge fan of Callihan's, but as you know I have been very critical of Callihan when it comes to big match situations.  This match could possibly be the biggest match in BOTH Sami Callihan's and Adam Cole's respective careers.  Becker brought it up already and I second what he said...  Hyde's secret about Callihan could very well be the deciding factor.  After what we saw at WrestleCon, whatever the secret may be...  It is clearly affecting the Death Machine.  As we all know, Cole has no problem getting into the head of Sami Callihan.  I may not like it, but the Panama City Playboy has the edge in their very last match.

JAKE Black - ADAM COLE - Both men come into this battle with hatred for their opponent. For two years Cole and Callihan have wanted to tear each other apart. Both feel they are the best, and it hard to argue that not being the case. Two years of hatred built to Saturday in Voorhees for these two men, but only one can leave Voorhees with the distinction of “Best” they both seek, and that man will be Adam Cole.

Nate Stein - SAMI CALLIHAN - Seriously? Now trusting Sami Callihan is a reach, but can Adam Cole actually believe he is capable to get passed The Callihan Death Machine? I am curious as to the secret DJ Hyde is holding over Callihan. But Cole has also lost favor with The Boss, which means this is the first time a Callihan vs. Cole match is on equal footing. I call for a stretch muffler for Cole.

A very limited amount of tickets remain for this weekend and will be available at the door of the Flyers Skate Zone in Voorhees, NJ!  If you can't be at the Flyers Skate Zone to watch in person, Best of the Best XII will stream LIVE via iPPV at  To discuss all things related to the Combat Zone, be sure to "Like" CZW on Facebook and/or Follow CZW on Twitter @combatzone #CZW or #BOTBXII.

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