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From the Press Box: Tangled Web
Monday, August 8, 2011 @ 03:26pm EDT

It is a structure that few have dared enter.  Those who brave it emerge battered, torn, bloodied, and nearly broken.  On Saturday night, August 13th, CZW presents Tangled Web IV from the Asylum Arena LIVE on iPPV at  Settling a bitter rivalry stemming from events last October will be "THE GOLDEN BOY" DRAKE YOUNGER & SCOTTY VORTEKZ.  Since the announcement was made in June that the match will be held in the confines of a Two Ring Psycho Circus Tangled Web Match, fans have been talking nonstop.  Will Scotty finally get his revenge?  Will Drake's ego keep running out of control?  These questions and more have been pouring into the CZW offices almost every day for the past couple months.  We here at are taking time out of preparation for the event to weigh in on who we think will emerge from the match as the survivor.  In a match as brutal as this...there is no winner.  There is no victory.  There is only survival.

CJ Becker – Drake Younger – Since it’s inception in 2008, the Tangled Web match has quickly become one of the most devastating matches in ALL of professional wrestling.  When you look at the list of men who have competed in this match, you will see both the names of Drake Younger & Scotty Vortekz.  It was Drake Younger who defeated Nick Gage in the Tangled Web to win the CZW World Heavyweight Championship.  It was also Drake Younger & Scotty Vortekz who teamed up to take on Sami Callihan & Jon Moxley in the Tangled Web.  In Tangled Web matches, Drake has a record of 1 Win 1 Loss; Scotty has a record of 0 Wins 1 Loss.  Given the epic dog collar match & the TLC match these two had in the Arena, it is extremely difficult to predict a victor for this one.  My gut's telling me you're going to see Drake Younger emerge from the match as the victor.

Nate Stein – Drake Younger – This will be my first Tangled Web and a TWO ring PSYCHO CIRCUS DEATH MATCH is a physically dangerous match designed to take it's toll on both men. Though I am aware of the longer term ups and downs in the relationship between Younger & Vortekz, I've only ever seen them fighting one another. Vortekz has determination and drive, but Younger has a higher pain threshold and endurance. Watching them battle, Younger knows how to torture someone and how to better use what's at hand to score one in the win column. In this match, not that he will play it safe, but I don't know if Vortekz can simply out think the better in-ring...screw that...the better master manipulator AND MY CALL FOR THE WINNER OF THIS MATCH - "The Golden Boy" Drake Younger.

Dan Cowhey – Scotty Vortekz – If this match had occurred last summer, I would be more inclined to predict Drake Younger the winner.  But since his betraying his best friend, Scotty Vortekz, I don’t see the same Drake Younger anymore.  Let’s be honest, Vortekz has always been seen as the second fiddle or the Indianapolis contingent.  Vortekz has really always been seen as a competent in ring competitor, he’ll always be around but you’ll never see him in the main event.  Whereas Drake Younger has been seemingly been atop the Combat Zone since the day he debut.  The fateful night in October of last year, Younger changed everything.  I think what Younger did was light that fire that needed to burn to take Vortekz to the next level.  I’ll never doubt the abilities of Drake Younger, he’s a former World Champion and as competed in pretty much every insane match the Combat Zone as ever devised and won!  But ever since his change in attitude I’ve seen a different Drake Younger, I’ve seen a man hiding behind his contract.  I’ve see a man running scared of Scotty Vortekz.  While I’ve also seen a different Scotty Vortekz…  I’ve seen a man proving his worth…  I’ve seen a man ready to climb to the top of the mountain here in the Combat Zone.  A year ago, Drake Younger would be my choice…  Because “The Psycho Shooter” was a man who would go to the limit, but now it’s a “Golden Boy” who is just here to collect his paycheck.  Scotty Vortekz now embodies that spirit that Drake Younger once had.

JAKE Black – Scotty Vortekz – It's no secret that my favorite wrestler in CZW is "The Golden Boy" Drake Younger. Younger is after all the GREATEST World Champion in CZW history, for 18 months anyone who got in his face and challenged for the illustrious gold was put down and Younger was left standing tall. "The Golden Boy" has proven he's a big fight performer. But there's a problem. Never has there been adversary who has wanted Younger's blood more than his former best friend, Scotty Vortekz. Vortekz is bloodthirsty for revenge on Younger after what started back last fall. I know what to expect from this match. A battle of ultraviolence in its most uncontrollable and hate driven form. For as much as I love "The Golden Boy", on August 13th Live on iPPV, I feel Vortekz just wants to win the war alittle bit more and prove he was never second fiddle in The Naptown Dragons.

Rob Naylor – Scotty Vortekz – These two men have put on some of the sickest matches I've seen in a long time. It's a feud between two athletes who know each other SOOO well and each is will to dish out (and take) such unheard of violence in order to pick up the win over the other. Drake Younger has been wrestling at an incredibly high level throughout this conflict with Scotty. Meanwhile, Scotty has also stepped his game way up and has truly shown he will not back down from any challenge/fight. Bottom line, I think Scotty wants it just THAT much more and I think he's going to pull off a huge win at Tangled Web. But oh, the violence. This match will not be one for the faint of heart. Believe this.

Don't miss out on the most ultraviolent event of the summer!  Tickets are on sale now in the CZW Pro Shop.  If you can't be there in person, Tangled Web IV will be streaming worldwide via iPPV though!  Don't delay; order your tickets or your stream today!  Also, share your vote here on about who you think will win this INSANE main event match-up!

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