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From the Press Box: Redemption
Wednesday, September 19, 2012 @ 06:46pm EDT

When you think of the most ultraviolent matches in the Combat Zone, odds are you're thinking of anything during "Tournament of Death", "Tangled Web", or "Cage of Death". But there is one match feared by all in CZW. A match so devastating that the challenge is rarely issued. A match that will shorten & even end careers. On Saturday, September 22nd at Redemption in Townsend, Delaware...professional wrestling will once again bear witness to the dreaded SQUARED CIRCLE OF FEAR! The ring ropes & canvas will be removed, replaced with barbed wire. As we approach what is certain to be a gruesome encounter, the staff of has taken time to weigh in with their picks on who will survive this encounter:

CJ Becker - DJ HYDE - The boss literally has home field advantage in Delaware. Though he defeated Tremont at Tangled Web 5, DJ hasn't forgotten about the embarrassment he suffered at Tournament of Death XI this past June. People don't truly realize just how dangerous the boss truly is & that there is no chance in Hell he's going to let anyone attempt to take him out once again. As much as many of us would like to see Matt Tremont with the W next to his name in the record books, I strongly believe the boss will emerge victorious in their rematch.

Dan Cowhey – MATT TREMONT - As much as logic would dictate that DJ Hyde would win this rematch, my gut tells me it will be Tremont.  I can still remember the talk of the locker room about two years ago.  Everyone kept talking about this guy Matt Tremont being the future of Ultraviolent Wrestling.  Since the talk, we have all seen this guy grow up in front of us.  Tremont is a cult hero.  Call me naïve if you want, but I still believe in heroes.  Tremont may be that hero to finally stop the tyranny of DJ Hyde.

JAKE Black - DJ HYDE - “The Bulldozer” has a death wish. He is risking his own well being stepping foot on the most historic piece of land in pro wrestling history, Hyde Plantation. “The Bulldozer” will have to try and conquer “The Lariat” in front of legions of his followers (he has 849,037 on Twitter and growing) in what is sure to be one of the most abnormally violent matches of all-time. No one can stop “The Lariat” and while “The Bulldozer” is bound and determined to do so, it is a sure thing he will come up short This Saturday.

Nate Stein - DJ HYDE - DJ Hyde is a lot of things...CZW owner, international Death Match star, but a douchebag who loses to Matt Tremont is not one of them. Sure, Tremont has the support of the "sheep" who have bought in on everything he spite of loss, after loss, after loss, after loss. There is simply nothing that shows Tremont has what it takes to bring down DJ Hyde.

Tickets for Redemption are on sale now in the CZW Pro Shop. Make sure YOU are in attendance to help send off the 2012 Summer of Ultraviolence with a bang!  As always, to join in the conversation of all things related to the Combat Zone "Like" CZW on Facebook and/or Following CZW on Twitter @combatzone #CZW.

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