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From the Press Box: New Heights Edition
Tuesday, July 10, 2012 @ 06:44pm EDT

Last month at Prelude to Violence, the #1 Contendership for the CZW World Jr. Heavyweight Championship was decided in a battle between bitter rivals. Upon emerging victorious, SAMI CALLIHAN issued the challenge that has set the wrestling world on fire. On Saturday evening, July 14th as CZW ascends to New Heights at the Flyers Skate Zone in Voorhees, NJ, Callihan will challenge DRAKE YOUNGER for the championship he lost at Cinco de Mayo after being bested in a 2/3 falls match. Physical limits and sheer will power will be tested as these men clash in a ONE HOUR ULTRAVIOLENT IRON MAN MATCH! As always, the staff here at has taken time out of their schedules to weigh in on what will certainly be an epic encounter:

CJ Becker - DRAKE YOUNGER - This is a tough call & a powder keg that has been waiting to explode since "Aerial Assault" this past March. While shoddy officiating was the deciding factor in that match, there was no excuse for Callihan's blatant disrespect of Younger and the CZW fans after winning "Best of the Best XI". Many agree that Callihan got what was coming to him at "Cinco de Mayo". Now, a match of the year contender with all the makings of a mat classic & CZW's trademark brand of ultraviolence is on the horizon. One hour with the victor being the man who can score the most pinfalls & submissions in that period of time. Being lean, mean, clean, & serene isn't going to stop the "Death Machine". Younger is going to have to do something he failed to do at "Tournament of Death XI" to beat Callihan. Younger is going to have to pull out all the stops. Younger is going to have to channel the anger stemming from that loss and unleash the "Psycho Shooter" if he expects to be victorious when the one hour time limit is reached. This is the man who set the record for being the longest reigning World Heavyweight Champion in the Combat Zone. If he plays his cards right, he can definitely set a new record for the World Jr. Heavyweight Championship.

Dan Cowhey - DRAKE YOUNGER - Again I have to agree with Becker.  Younger is the man I’ll place my bet on.  However, that’s not to say that Sami Callihan can’t win this match.  Callihan has all the tools to win this match.  In fact, both men are at the top of the games right now.  Younger has just come off a good showing at "Tournament of Death XI."  Meanwhile, Callihan has come off winning "Best of the Best XI".  The problem is for Callihan…  And really it’s always the one thing I’ve always held against him.  Callihan can’t win “the big one.”  Sure, Callihan has one his last two “big ones.”  But I think times have changed for the Death Machine.  He’s let his ego go to his head upon winning Best of the Best, and hasn’t been the same since.  It was shortly after that when he lost the CZW Junior Heavyweight Championship to Drake Younger.  Its almost as if Callihan has taken two steps back over the course of the last few months, while Younger has taken STRIDES forward!

JAKE Black - Sami Callihan - Over the course of the last twelve months both these men have shown a serious evolution in their personalities. Both have been driven by goals with obstacles in their paths to overcome. Once Callihan got want he wanted, what he dedicated his career towards the true Sami Callihan came out and CZW has felt his wrath, it refreshing. Younger on the other hand has changed everything about himself for the positive driven to be a champion once again. This time its an hour match, both are going to have to be at the top of their physical game and have the will to endure enormous amounts of punishment. They are going to have to make smart decisions, not blow their wads early and move at a rapid pace. It going to come down to who fights the battle with intelligence and not brutality. I’m picking Sami Callihan, he’s had a taste of the gold now and has become obsessed with being the best.

Nate Stein -
Sami Callihan - Since SAMI CALLIHAN's...realization, nothing has slowed him down. He's more free, he's leg go of whatever controls he put on himself, and he's done listening to the collective conscious of the people he thought had to listen to. While Drake Younger's now in the best shape of his life, he's also come off a vicious defeat in the finals of Tournament of Death XI. I think the "Psycho Shooter" might be in for a tough fight with the "Callihan Death Machine"...and one he can't win. The winner: SAMI CALLIHAN!

Tickets for "New Heights" are on sale now in the CZW Pro Shop. If you can't be there in person, the event will be streamed LIVE via iPPV at with packages starting at just $9.99. Be sure to join in the conversation of all things related to the Combat Zone by "Liking" us on Facebook and following CZW on Twitter @combatzone #CZW. The 2012 Summer of Ultraviolence is underway. Don't get burned by missing out. Order your tickets or iPPV stream TODAY!

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