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From the Press Box: "Best of the Best 11" Edition
Thursday, April 5, 2012 @ 10:50am EDT

Best of the Best of the most prestigious tournaments in our industry. Many have entered; those who have won can be considered some of the best in the world. On Saturday, April 14th, thirteen men will compete for a chance to take home the coveted trophy. Fan speculation has been running rampant as to who the eleventh man to win the tournament will be. We here at are taking time out of preparation for the event to weigh in with our picks.

CJ Becker:  SAMI CALLIHAN - This is Callihan's third time entering Best of the Best. Twice, he has made it to the finals only to be defeated by Robert Anthony & Adam Cole. The current reigning CZW World Jr. Heavyweight Champion knows what it takes to make it to the finals. There have been those saying that Callihan can't get it done...that he chokes in "big game" scenarios. There's an old saying that all should be familiar with though; "third time's a charm". This is the "Death Machine's" time. I firmly believe you will be seeing Sami Callihan leave Voorhees, NJ as the winner of Best of the Best 11.

Dan Cowhey:  DRAKE YOUNGER - My gut wants me to say Sami Callihan, unfortunately my head has reminded me of all the times Callihan has failed to grab the brass ring.  This year’s tournament is truly a high pressure situation for Callihan, and as happy I would be for Callihan to finally win the Best of the Best trophy, I can’t say I see it happening.  Drake Younger is the man I see taking the trophy home.  Now that Younger has refocused his career as well as his life for that matter…  He can’t be stopped!  You can’t say that he truly was defeated at Aerial Assault, it was purely a poor decision by the referee.  Short of another bad referee decision, I see Younger making his family, friends, and fans proud once again at Best of the Best 11!

JAKE Black: AR FOX - Since winning “People’s Choice” at Best of the Best X, we’ve seen Fox’s confidence launch through the roof. Fox has tried new eye-popping offense, and usually hit it without a hitch. The downside to Fox is that to win BotB he’ll need to compete in three matches and use his jaw-dropping (pants dropping for those who get really excited) offense to win this tournament and with his daredevil style it will take a physical toll throughout the night. Fox is going to have to prove he’s as mentally tough as he is physically durable, and that be will proven on April 14th in front of a worldwide audience on As sports betting cynosure, my money is on "The Fearless High Flying Phenomenon".

Nate Stein: CHUCK TAYLOR - A four-way first round match; an entrant to replace an injured Uhaa Nation; & an event that promises more surprises than ever before. I'm going to have to go with the unpredictability of CHUCK TAYLOR. Of course, Taylor has wrestled some of the best, but he's also not a stranger to the Combat Zone, as a former CZW World Junior Heavyweight champion and also a multi-time entrant into 'Best of the Best'. He does what it takes to survive, as we've seen recently with him flopping sides in the brothers Crist feud. My call is for this Kentucky Gentleman to win it all.

We've weighed in. Now we want to hear from YOU, the CZW faithful. Who do YOU think will take home the trophy this year? Be sure to cast your vote on our poll right here on Be sure to order your tickets online at the CZW Pro Shop; If you can't make it to the show, we are streaming the event live via iPPV thanks to our friends over at; Don't delay...order your tickets or your streams TODAY!

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