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From the Press Box: Tournament of Death X Edition
Friday, June 24, 2011 @ 09:33am EDT

The Combat Zone is gearing up for the most brutal...the most bloody...the most violent tournament in professional wrestling this weekend. As with Best of the Best X , you the fans have been asking members of CZW Management who their picks are to win this year's Tournament of Death. Once again, we've found time in our busy schedules to share our picks with you, the CZW faithful.

CJ Becker – MASADA – Three men in this year's Tournament of Death are looking to win the tournament for a second time, a feat that hasn't been accomplished since Wifebeater won TOD 3 in 2004. All three of these men claim that they will tie the record. And while all three are certainly capable of doing just that, I don't believe it will happen. My pick to win Tournament of Death X is the man who went to the semi finals of TOD 8 & the finals of TOD Rewind...the man who ended the in ring career of Thumbtack Jack...MASADA. He's come close to winning the tournament twice now & I firmly believe that the third time will be the charm for the international deathmatch superstar.

JAKE Black – Necro Butcher – With Tournament of Death X just mere days away every fan of ultraviolent wrestling is celebrating like its Half-Christmas. As a fan, I remember venturing down from Rhode Island right before my Junior year of college to TOD IV, getting wasted and being in awe of the physicality displayed by Necro Butcher (TOD IV winner) on that day. Since that time Necro has gone on to become one the most well-known wrestlers on the planet putting his body on the line is some of the sickest forms of combat known to man. Yes, Necro is the most war-torn of the competitors in TOD X. Necro though has a never say die attitude and a super human pain tolerance that most of us will never be able to comprehend. That is why Necro Butcher is my pick to win TOD X this Saturday in Townsend, DE.

Nate Stein – Danny Havoc – Is there anyone else who embodies the spirit of hardcore at CZW more than Danny Havoc? The current, reigning CZW Ultraviolent Underground champion, defeated Death Match legend “Crazy Monkey” Jun Kasai for that title just a few months ago. Havoc knows what it takes to succeed in the Combat Zone, has international experience, and isn’t afraid to take on…or take OUT anyone in the ring. My pick – Danny Havoc.

Dan Cowhey – Matt Tremont – I have to go with “The Bulldozer.” Talk about reputation preceding you… I troll the internet from time to time just to see what’s going on out in the wrestling world. Tremont is the guy that keeps coming up in my internet journeys. Every message board that talks about CZW, was talking about how Matt Tremont needs to be in CZW and needs to be in Tournament of Death. There are Facebook tribute pages, there are YouTube Music Videos, hell… I think I even saw a MySpace page about the guy. So when Tremont jumped the guardrail last week to challenge Pinkie Sanchez for a spot in Tournament of Death, I already knew who the man was. I knew that they are calling Tremont “The Savior of Deathmatch Wrestling.” And you know what? They may be right. It takes a special man to step in to Tournament of Death, and more and more men are becoming less and less brave to compete. But Matt Tremont is begging that he gets a real challenge at TOD. Sure he may be to least experienced in the art of Deathmatch wrestling… But he is the hungriest and that, with a high tolerance for pain, is what it takes to be a TOD Champion!

To find out who will win this year’s Tournament of Death, get your tickets now and head to the Ultraviolent Underground in Townsend, Delaware!  Join us as the “Legacy of Blood and Glory” is continued!

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