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From the Press Box: Title vs. Title Edition
Tuesday, September 4, 2012 @ 03:40pm EDT

The anarchy that began at New Heights earlier this summer has led to this moment…  The Title Unification Chri$ Ca$h Memorial Ladder Match!  AR Fox laid out the challenge last month at Tangled Web 5 and Dave Crist accepted.  THIS SATURDAY at Down With the Sickness LIVE on iPPV from the Flyers Skate Zone in Voorhees, NJ, only the Wired TV Championship or the Junior Heavyweight Championship will remain with one owner.  As the Combat Zone prepares to pay tribute to one of its favorites son’s signature match, the staff here at is taking time to weigh in with their picks on who they think will survive this aerial encounter:

CJ Becker – AR FOX – What a year it's been for Fox. Voted twice by you, the CZW fans, as "The People's Choice" in back to back Best of the Best tournaments, ending the record setting Wired TV Title reign of Drew Gulak, & picking his moment to become the current reigning & defending World Jr. Heavyweight Champion...quite the list of accolades to earn in a short time. But it's that reign as Wired TV Champion that's still eating at Fox. A reign abruptly ended due to interference by the man who currently holds the strap as Fox took on his brother. The loss to Jake Crist, thanks to current champion Dave Crist, has never sat well with Fox. Adding insult to injury was the subsequent assault at "New Heights" this past July perpetrated by OI4K & more provocation at "Tangled Web V" when a ladder draped in OI4K colors was left in the backstage area for Fox after his match. The challenge has been issued & the stage has been set for what will no doubt be a match of the year candidate in memory of one of CZW's fallen brothers. No doubt OI4K will do whatever they can to possess the unified championship. But my prediction is that after waiting over a year to get his hands on Dave Crist, AR Fox will be the one to emerge triumphant as the new unified champion.

Dan Cowhey – DAVE CRIST – As much as I would like to see AR Fox win this match, I’m not quite sure he will.  Sure Fox has a wrestling style that is tailor-made for a Ladder Match of this magnitude, but Crist’s minds games may very well give him the edge.  It was a year and a half ago when Dave Crist was at ringside with his brother, Jake, when Fox lost the Wired TV Championship.  Following that match, everyone wasn’t talking about Jake Crist or AR Fox…  They were talking about Dave Crist.  When Dave Crist won the championship, it wasn’t exactly by following the rules.  Crist has done whatever he has to, to retain the championship.  He sees the championship as a source of power in the Combat Zone.  And that power has brought him protection from DJ Hyde, and a faction in OI4K.  He sees the end of the Junior Heavyweight Championship as the great feather he could ever put in his cap.  That’s why I think Dave Crist will win…  But do I truly hope the perennial underdog, AR Fox, will shock us all again on September 8th.

JAKE Black – AR FOX – Sometimes in a matches like these its two variable that can win it for you. The fearlessness to throw caution to the wind or the killing instinct to lack compassion for your fellow man. Crist has both, he’s a great high flyers and he’s a man willing to throw a fireball in a man’s face. He’s a real catch ladies. Fox is usually a daredevil willing to sacrifice his own well-being to come out on top. This Saturday will be different. The usual calm and confident Fox will be coming for revenge after Crist tried to melt his face, Fox will have that killer instinct he needs for this grudge match. As much as I love the chaos the OI4K has started in CZW, I don’t think September 8th will be their night.

Nate Stein – DAVE CRIST – AR Fox thinks he's fancy...thinks he's smart...but what he's not is as willing to devastate an opponent as Dave Crist is. Crist is we saw just a couple months ago when he sent a fireball into AR Fox's face after winning the CZW World Junior Heavyweight Title from fellow Ohio Is For Killers member Sami Callihan. AR Fox is athletic and high flying, but that's where it stops - Crist can take apart an opponent and will show that to everyone when he walks out with the title!

Make sure YOU are in attendance or watching on iPPV when one of the Combat Zone returns to LIVE iPPV on THIS SATURDAY! Tickets are on sale NOW in the NEW CZW Pro Shop. Be sure to join in on the conversation on all things related to the Combat Zone by "Liking" CZW on Facebook or following CZW on Twitter @combatzone #CZW.

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