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From the Press Box: Cage of Death 13 Edition
Tuesday, November 29, 2011 @ 02:06pm EST

The biggest night on the Combat Zone calendar is coming up on December 3rd.  Unless you’ve been living under a rock for 13 years, you know that is the night of Cage of Death 13.  This year’s Cage of Death features Devon Moore defending the CZW World Heavyweight Championship against the Ultraviolent Underground Champion MASADA, Scotty Vortekz, and “The Ego” Robert Anthony.  With the eyes of the entire world on that match on that night, the staff here at is taking time out of preparation for the event to share with you, the CZW fans, who we think will stand victorious when the dust settles.

CJ Becker – MASADA – It's the most...wonderful time...of the year. The Construction of Destruction. The Innovation in Devastation. The Showcase of the Ultraviolent...CAGE OF DEATH! And this year, the most coveted prize in the Combat Zone is on the line; the CZW World Championship. You can bet that things will pick up where they left off last year between Devon Moore and MASADA. After all, it was Devon Moore who eliminated MASADA last year to become the match's sole survivor and thus ensuring victory for his team. The Ultraviolent Beast is a man on a mission; ending 2011 by adding the CZW World Championship to his list of accolades. Scotty Vortekz is entering this match the victor of Tangled Web 4; but is he ready for COD? Nothing against Scotty, as he is clearly capable of scoring the upset win, but he is certainly a marked man after having been out of action with a hand injury sustained in the Tangled Web match. Robert Anthony is a former CZW World Champion; he knows what it takes to reign atop the Combat Zone. But much like Scotty, Anthony was also sidelined this year due to injury. One has to wonder if "The Ego" is at 100% after tearing his quadricep in June. Devon has been a fighting champion. Taking on all comers & representing CZW internationally, I'm proud to see him as the man in CZW right now. But when it's all said & done...when the canvas runs red with crimson, I predict that you will see MASADA standing tall as the winner of Tournament of Death X , the Ultraviolent Underground Champion, the winner of Cage of Death 13, & your NEW CZW World Heavyweight Champion.

Dan Cowhey – DEVON MOORE – Out of all the matches that we’ve discussed this year, this by far was the hardest to choose a winner.  Scotty Vortekz may not be the most decorated of wrestlers in the Combat Zone, but Vortekz is clearly a big match player having won Tangled Web 4  just a few months ago.  Personally I don’t care for him, but Robert Anthony has all the tools to recapture the World Championship.  Then there’s MASADA, the man is simply unstoppable.  But in the end I have to go with Devon Moore.  I’ve known Devon Moore for almost six years now, and I’ve seen him in plenty of “no-win” situations, in matches with veterans, in matches with the hottest rookies on the scene…  But Devon Moore has won them all.  He’s been pretty much an underdog his entire career…  But every time someone counts the man out, he shuts the haters up.  As much of a big match player Scotty Vortekz is, Devon Moore is even bigger.  Many will agree, Devon Moore is (to use an over used saying) Mr. Cage of Death.  I believe in my heart that Devon Moore will repeat last year’s performance and be the sole survivor.

JAKE Black – “THE EGO” ROBERT ANTHONY – There are so many awesome matches I’m looking forward to at COD, from “The Golden Boy” pounding respect into Mondo to PMW proving why they are the top tag team competing in the solar system to Fox and Callihan having a Junior Heavyweight classic to “The Bulldozer” proving what the next generation of ultraviolence is all about. With all that, like every year the Cage of Death match stands out most. It’s the biggest match in CZW all year and all four men are big match players ready to enter into pure hell and scar themselves for life to walk away with the CZW Championship. Say what you want about “The Ego”, but I feel COD is his night. I’ve declared before he was sent here “straight via God’s penis to be CZW Champion” and I firmly believe this.

Nate Stein – “THE EGO” ROBERT ANTHONY – We saw it at 'Night of Infamy'...and we always see it with him, but "Ego" Robert Anthony is always willing to go the extra step. He might appear flashy, but he is sadistic. I've known Devon Moore for a long time, but look at his face - he's had defense after defense, in just the last two months he's faced opponents in four countries, while Devon Moore can fight dirty, he's got to be worn down - now taking on three opponents? MASADA, the current UVU champion and Vortekz may be dangerous, but can they really outwit Robert Anthony? It's Ego all the way.

Could this match mark the end of Devon Moore’s reign?  Can Scotty Vortekz finally climb out of the shadows of his peers and capture his first CZW World Championship?  Will “The Ego” restart his career in CZW by winning his second World Championship?  Or will the Ultraviolent Beast MASADA take his place atop the Combat Zone?  You can vote on who you think will win now here at  To find out who will win…  Get your tickets for Cage of Death 13 NOW at CZW Pro Shop or watch Cage of Death 13 LIVE on iPPV at .  Don’t you dare miss the biggest event of the year on December 3rd!

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