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Monday, December 20, 2010 @ 09:31pm EST

From The Desk Of Maven T. Bentley Esq.on this 20th of December, 2010:

It is that time of year where people all over the world try to better themselves through making New Year’s Resolutions. Many will degree that carbs will be banished from their home. Others will “make this their year” by asking out that pretty girl or asking their supervisor for a raise.  I will do no such thing. I will not make promises to myself that I cannot keep.  I decided to make a formal policy statement statement to ensure my own honesty with myself.

My self betterment comes in this form:

Memorandum to all Combat Zone Wrestling LLC employees
RE: Insubordination
DATE: 12-2-10

Effective immediately any insubordination of any type will not be tolerated.  Any attempt to disobey, disrespect or physically assault CZW management will lead to immediate definitive corrective action.

This simple memo is my way of ensuring that I will not allow myself to be bullied by wrestlers.  This brief memo was sent to all active roster members on December 2, 2010.  On December 11, 2010, Joe Gacy and Ryan Slater violated this policy. I am formally informing all CZW stakeholders that these two have been punished.  Each is subject to a fine no less than $1000 payable by January 7, 2011 or they will be indefinitely suspended from Combat Zone Wrestling.  Have a Merry Christmas Runaways… Somebody had to pay.

Maven Bentley Esq
Maven Bentley Association, LLC


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