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Four Teams Challenge for Tag Team Glory
Saturday, August 6, 2011 @ 12:52pm EDT

It was announced last night via the CZW E-Newsletter that there will be a Four Way Tag Team Match, where the winners will earn the right to challenge for the Tag Team Championships at a future CZW Event.  This match was hastily made by Maven Bentley when the Runaways demanded a shot at the Tag Team Championships.  Since Bentley was so distracted by BLK Jeez’s antics, he granted them a shot only if they could withstand an upcoming multi-team match.  (Click here to view the video)  It was confirmed last night that The Runaways will going into action against Azrieal & Bandido Jr., The Set, and the seemingly unstoppable, BLK OUT!

Bentley, along with other members of the Combat Zone, argue that the Runaways don’t really deserve a shot at the Tag Team Championships as they just came off a losing effort against Azrieal & Bandido Jr..  Prior to that loss, however, the Runaways were on a tear through the entire CZW Tag Team division having come within one match of winning the Tag Team Championships back at Night of Infamy 9.  They claim they have been robbed at ever turn, and that this time they won’t allow that to happen again!

As already discussed, Azrieal & Bandido Jr. just came off a huge victory against the Runaways last month as well as having come within seconds of defeating the current Tag Team Champions, Philly’s Most Wanted.  Many believe that they were truly robbed in their contests against PMW and it is only right that they get their chance at becoming #1 Contenders.

The Set, Lance Lude and J-Sinn, are only about to compete in the second match in the Combat Zone.  What better way is there to get their first victory than by beating three of the top tag teams CZW has to offer as well as earning a chance to take on Philly’s Most Wanted?  Although coming off a loss to BLK OUT, they truly earned their stripes with both BLK OUT and the CZW audience that was in attendance at New Heights.  There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that they are truly deserving of this chance.  But, will it be too much to handle early on in their career for this young team?

What is there to say about BLK OUT that hasn’t already been said by their hype man, Robbie Mireno?  Since they announced their relaunch at Proving Grounds back in May, they have been unstoppable!  They have gone 2-0 in competition and they have made it known that they have two goals in mind…  Bringing back the passion that they feel is lacking in the Combat Zone as well as to win the CZW World Tag Team Championships!  By winning this Four Way Match, they will be one step closer in completing those goals!

There is only one way to find out who will win this huge four way tag team contest…  And that’s by being their in person and buying your tickets at the CZW Pro Shop or ordering the LIVE iPPV stream at!  Get your tickets now, because tickets are going FAST!

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