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Excellent In Hot Water with the Boss
Wednesday, December 28, 2011 @ 08:06pm EST

Greg Excellent has made it clear that he has special plans in store for DJ Hyde for January 14th’s An Excellent Adventure.  What those plans are?  No one knows just yet, but if Greg Excellent was able to lure John Zandig from retirement just imagine what other plans he has in store!  Excellent will have to face the music on February 4th when DJ Hyde regains control of his Combat Zone!  As DJ Hyde announced earlier this evening via the CZW Newsletter that Excellent will have to face Drake Younger as part of Super Saturday in Indianapolis!

For those just starting to follow Combat Zone Wrestling…  Since Cage of Death 12 last year, Greg Excellent hasn’t exactly been the model employee for CZW.  Over the last year, Excellent has gone on to expose DJ Hyde’s underhanded business practices.  Excellent has questioned all of DJ Hyde’s business choices.  Finally at Cage of Death 13 earlier this month, Excellent defeated Hyde in a match granting him three wishes of his choosing.  The first of those wishes is for Excellent to have full control of the Combat Zone during its last event at the legendary Asylum Arena.  As stated earlier, Excellent has made it known the he is going to have “fun” at DJ Hyde’s expense.

DJ Hyde, however, has already prepared Excellent’s punishment for CZW’s return to Indianapolis on February 4th.  Again, Excellent will be forced to take on the former CZW World Heavyweight Champion, Drake Younger.  Younger is coming off a match where he beat the respect into Rory Mondo, and now has his sights set on taking over the spotlight in the Combat Zone once again.  Although Younger may be more “humble” as he has put it…  But Younger has returned to his “Psycho Shooter” roots, and those who remember the Psycho Shooter know that he will stop at nothing to secure a victory!  Excellent may regret the day he got his three wishes come February 4th!

Find out what the fall out will be from An Excellent Adventure on the Eve of the Super Bowl, as CZW presents Super Saturday from Fountain Square Salvation Inn in Indianapolis.  Be sure to get your tickets NOW at the CZW Pro Shop so you won’t be left out in the cold!

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