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CZW Video Recording Policy
Friday, March 18, 2011 @ 10:58am EDT

Combat Zone Wrestling, LLC. has faced many hard choices concerning video recording at live events and the creation of "hype" videos by our loyal fans. Our attorneys have informed us that by allowing any individual use our copy written material without expressed consent we could open ourselves to copyright enforcement issues. To combat this, our legal counsel has been contacting social and viral media companies and having all material removed and those who illegally posted sanctioned. CZW appreciates fans that spend time creating videos in hopes of spreading the word about CZW. To ensure our intellectual property rights are protected we will continue to have illegal videos removed. However, fans wishing to create "hype" videos will be allowed to do by contacting CZW before posting them in public domains. If you wish to make or have made a video please email If your video is approved CZW will retain the right to exploit your video on or any other venue appropriate. You will be instructed on how to annotate your video so that it will not be treated as stolen property. CZW thanks every fan who has tried to share our vision with the world and hopes you will continue to do so.

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