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5/25 - CZW News and Notes: DANNY HAVOC addresses the CZW fans regarding June 26th's TOURNAMENT OF DEATH 9!

Late this afternoon, received the following message from injured fan-favorite Danny Havoc regarding the upcoming Tournament of Death 9 on June 26th at the Ultraviolent Underground in Townsend, Delaware.

"Greetings CZW faithful…it seems ages since I’ve done one of these "address the fanbase" write-ups for the website, but I was asked by management to give a personal update on my situation, and—as my mobility is still somewhat limited—it seemed easiest to put it into written form.

First and foremost, for those of you who are interested: THE CAST IS OFF! As of today, Daniel Tiberius Havoc is once again able to take normal showers (and all that that entails)! I’m still using a crutch and my leg is weak and nearly-atrophied from over a month of non-use, but I’m on the road to recovery and very nearly back to being a normal human being. I’d like to take this opportunity to deliver a heartfelt thanks to both CZW management and the fans who participated in the benefit raffles over the last two shows. The cost of even a small surgery is astronomical (particularly by comparison to the pay rate of an indy pro wrestler), and all of the donations have helped me get through. My usual sarcasm aside; thank you very much.

Now, on to my in-ring future: Against the advice of medical professionals and pretty much anyone with common sense, I have every intention of making my return at the impending Tournament of Death. I am beginning physical therapy to regain normal functionality and have every hope that I will be back to competitive form by the 26th of next month. Let me put it this way: If I can walk, I’ll be in the tournament.

Shortly after my injury, I requested of CZW mgt. that I be allowed to face JC Bailey in the first round. Many of you may wonder why, of all the Cult Fiction members who have so wronged me, I specifically singled out Bailey? Brain Damage and I have a long and storied history of hatred and violence toward one another, and this is not the first “anti-Danny Havoc” faction that he has been at the core of. And then there’s MASADA, who Benedict Arnold’ed me in an awful fashion, telling me of his respect for me and agreeing to join my team, only to blast my friend Scotty in the head and try to exacerbate my injury. Why not either of these men? While there certainly is a deep well of hatred in my heart for both of them, the reason I have my sights set on JC is simply because his betrayal was the one that hurt me the most. Before he went to prison, JC was someone I considered a friend. He’s slept on my couch, he’s shared many a bottle with me, and once upon a time he was someone I thought I could count on.

They say prison changes a man. I’ve never been, but it would certainly seem so. He came back and met my warm welcome with an icy stare and bitter words of anger and spite. The letters I sent him to try and keep his spirits up, it seems, were not enough. The phone calls with him that I shared meant nothing. Nothing I had done to try to be a friend was enough. His prison mentality of needing to be “affiliated” stayed with him after he was freed, and he joined up with the first ‘gang’ to come-a-calling, namely CULT FICTION. Billy Gram whispered poison into his ear when he was at his most confused and vulnerable, and he believed every word of it. And now the blood has been spilled and the betrayal is final, and it’s too late to mend fences. And that is the reason that JC Bailey is the man I want to get my revenge on more than any other.

CZW offered me Abdullah Kobayashi, a fellow lighttube-eater from the other side of the world, and I turned them down flat…As a career move, the accolades that come with competing against a big star from another promotion far outweigh the benefits of wrestling someone from ones’ own roster, but I could care less about career moves right now. This is very, very personal.

So this is my update in a nutshell…I’m on the mend, and as long as I can put one foot in front of the other by June 26th, I will damn sure be in that ring to compete in the 9th annual Tournament of Death. And JC Bailey…There’s no more room in my heart for you. No quarter will be asked, and none will be given."

- Danny Havoc

CZW presents:
Saturday, June 12th, 2010
The CZW Arena - 7PM Belltime
7 West Ritner Street - South Philly, PA
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CZW presents:
Saturday, June 26th, 2010
The Ultraviolent Underground - 3PM Belltime
Townsend, Delaware (address to be posted soon)
Get Tickets | More Info


First Round Lineup:

First Time Ever

Payback's a Bitch
J.C. BAILEY vs. DANNY HAVOC (if cleared by doctors)

Plus the American Deathmach debut of Big Japan Wrestling's ABDULLAH KOBAYASHI, the return of DYSFUNCTION and much more!

Stay tuned to for more on the fallout from "FIST FIGHT", and the build to CZW's June 12th return to South Philly and June 26th return to the ULTRAVIOLENT UNDERGROUND for Tournament of Death 9!

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