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5/22 - CZW News and Notes: Tag Team Chaos added to "Lines in the Sand", Notorious mind games, and more!

- CZW's tag team division is as deep as it's ever been, and quite possibly one of the deepest in all of professional wrestling. For more than a year however, one team stood tall above the rest. That team, THE BEST AROUND (TJ Cannon and Bruce Maxwell) dominated the ranks, using whatever methods necessary to hold on to their titles, and live to fight another day as the kings of the tag division. In fact, it took a pair of former CZW World Champions (Eddie Kingston and Drake Younger) to defeat them, but now, the former Champs are hungry for a return to the top.In CZW however, getting back to the top is easier said than done, and both TJ Cannon and Bruce Maxwell will learn that first hand on June 12th as they do battle in what should be nothing short of a high-flying, jaw-dropping triple threat tag team contest against the teams of A.R. FOX and JONATHAN GRESHAM, and AARON ARBO and UNBREAKABLE ANDY. Fox and Gresham and The "A Team" of Arbo and Andy combine some of the brightest, and hungriest young stars in the business, and on June 12th they will look to seize the opportunity to gain a victory over one of wrestling's most talented teams. Who will come out on top, and take that next step towards the gold? We'll find out on June 12th at the CZW Arena!

- The public breakdown and implosion of one of wrestling's most successful tag teams and alliances... Notorious Inc, has reached levels that many thought would never be possible. When on their game, "Scumbag" Devon Moore and Drew Blood were among the very best in the game, and the best of friends outside the ring. Now however, the two couldn't be further apart, and shockingly to many, the relationship has reached a level where the two can't agree on anything, except for one thing... the Combat Zone is simply not big enough for the both of them. At May's "Fist Fight" event, the battle lines were drawn, and the stipulation was reached, the two would meet in June with their careers on the line. Earlier this week however, has learned of some late mind games being played between the two camps. CZW Officials met briefly with Devon Moore this weekend, and have learned that the renowned Scumbag has isolated himself from friends and family and is actually and suprisingly enough in the midst of a very intense training regiment to prepare him for what he has called 'a chance to do what I should have done a long time ago". Upon hearing the news, Drew Blood contacted Maven Bentley, and produced a "note from his doctor", claiming that Blood is suffering from an "inflamed shoulder, and mildly sprained index finger", and will not be medically cleared to perform on June 12th at CZW's "Lines in the Sand" event. As such, while the circumstances are certainly suspicious, Maven Bentley has had no choice but to respect doctor's orders, and has now rescheduled the Career vs. Career match between Devon Moore and Drew Blood for CZW's July event. In addition, neither man will be in action on June 12th's event. CZW Management apologizes for the inconvenience, and has promised an update on this situation as soon as it becomes available.

- And, in case you missed it, CZW Wired Episode #21 is now available on This latest exclusive new episode is your perfect way to start preparing for June 26th's return to Delaware for TOURNAMENT OF DEATH 9! Take a look back at some classic TOURNAMENT OF DEATH matches featuring NICK GAGE, ZANDIG, NATE WEBB and more! Head over to to see the show that everyone is talking about!

CZW presents:
Saturday, June 12th, 2010
The CZW Arena - 7PM Belltime
7 West Ritner Street - South Philly, PA
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CZW presents:
Saturday, June 26th, 2010
The Ultraviolent Underground - 3PM Belltime
Townsend, Delaware (address to be posted soon)
Get Tickets | More Info


Hero's Return!

Tag Team Chaos!

Tag Team Showdown

Stay tuned to for more on the fallout from "FIST FIGHT", and the build to CZW's June 12th return to South Philly and June 26th return to the ULTRAVIOLENT UNDERGROUND for Tournament of Death 9!


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