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CZW's "It's Always Bloody in Philadelphia" Results
Sunday, October 10, 2010 @ 02:18pm EDT

"The Notorious 187" Homicide returned to the Combat Zone to battle "The New Horror" Sami Callihan and the war between The Suicide Kings and Cult Fiction took a turn for the unpredictable, when CZW's return to Philadelphia saw familiar faces change and tensions rise as Cage of Death XII looms ever closer!

Official results from "It's Always Bloody in Philadelphia"
Saturday, October 9th @ The Arena in South Philadelphia

Pre-show: Tarek the Legend defeated American Kickboxer 2

Egotistico Fantastico made his return to CZW and addressed the crowd for "despising" him. He went on to say that his mask was a symbol of his former failures before removing it to reveal himself as the re-christened "The Ego" Robert Anthony. CZW World Heavyweight Champion Jon Moxley was challenged to a title shot who eagerly approached the ring and accepted!

1.) Alex Colon defeated a returning Jonathan Gresham with the Colon Driver.

2.) Ruckus defeated Tyler Veritas following "accidental" interference from Adam Cole.

3.) Nick Gage defeated Greg Excellent with the Chokebreaker.

Following the match, a video message from Big Japan Pro Wrestling played over the screens of The Arena declaring that they would be sending another warrior into the Combat Zone at Cage of Death XII! Big Japan Pro Wrestling last sent deathmatch star Abdullah Kobayashi to compete at Tournament of Death 9, and the light tube eating wrestler left a lasting impression not soon to be forgotten.

4.) Rich Swann defeated Amasis, BLK JEEZ, and Ryan Slater in the CZW Tag Team Tournament Showcase match following the Reverse 450 on BLK JEEZ.

5.) Devon Moore vs. Danny Havoc ended in a NO-CONTEST after tHURTeen and Billy Gram interfered. Drake Younger and Scotty Vortekz came out to make the save, but suddenly, in a shocking turn of events which left The Arena crowd stunned, Drake Younger turned his back on the Suicide Kings and singlehandedly dispatched Vortekz, Havoc, and Moore before being escorted out of The Arena.

During intermission a cryptic video featuring the woman known only as "Kimberly" was played, leaving us with more questions as we approach the end of the year. After yelling for attention she was heard saying, "At Night of Infamy, on November 13th, my warrior, he arrives."

Post intermission, a historic announcement was then made as promoters Frank Iadevia and Pierre (better known as "Jonny D") of Jersey All Pro Wrestling revealed that they have come to an inter-promotional agreement with CZW Owner DJ Hyde, expanding CZW's business relationships in the wake of his new leadership. On Saturday, December 11th, The Arena will play host to a SUPER SATURDAY double header featuring JAPW's 13th Anniversary Show at 3:00 PM followed by CZW's Cage of Death XII at 7:30 PM!! Two historic shows, one SUPER SATURDAY to be a wrestling fan!

6.) CZW World Jr. Heavyweight Championship: Adam Cole retained, defeating A.R. Fox via a school-boy. Tyler Veritas made his way ringside to avenge his previous loss but wound up giving Cole the opportunity to deliver a low-blow to Fox behind the official's back and stealing the win.

7.) CZW World Heavyweight Championship: Jon Moxley retained against "The Ego" Robert Anthony in a bloody match that saw both main use Panes of Glass, Chairs, and other plunder!

8.) Homicide defeated Sami Callihan with an Ace Crusher. Joe Gacy attacked his former partner after the match but was chased off by Homicide before any more damage was done!

- Stay tuned to for more news and exclusive video updates on the fallout of "It's Always Bloody in Philadelphia!"

- CZW debuts in Tyngsboro, Massachusetts on Saturday, October 16th at the Tyngsboro Sports Center with Deja Vu 5!

Already Announced for our New England debut:

JON MOXLEY defends against NICK GAGE

Ultraviolent Grudge Match:

CZW World Tag Team Tournament Showcase:
IRISH DRIVEBY (Ryan McBride & Rich Swann) vs. THE OSIRIAN PORTAL (Amasis & Ophidian)

For Tickets, Directions, and More information on our live event in Tyngsboro, CLICK HERE!


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