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CZW European Tour Updates
Monday, October 8, 2012 @ 08:41pm EDT

It is well known news that CZW is heading back to Europe in a just a few short weeks.  This has become a yearly tradition, which has grown from a few days in Germany to a week long tour across Europe.  These events have included special editions of Tournament of Deaths and even a rare appearance of the legendary Cage of Death.  This tour of Europe has become a very coveted opportunity for CZW Stars, as well as for the fans of the Combat Zone from Europe.  Thanks to these tours, the American fans have been treated to the top European talent from promotions like wXw and Fight Club: Pro.  As the days countdown to the 2012 European Tour, there are some updates to these events.

The tour kicks off in Wolverhampton, England at the Planet Nightclub with Project Mayhem 2, a two night event beginning October 26th.  It was announced earlier that this event would feature a Team CZW vs. Team Fight Club: Pro.  Over the weekend, DJ Hyde informed Fight Club: Pro that his team will include himself with Alex Colon, Greg Excellent, Jake Crist, Dave Crist, and the CZW World Champion MASADA.  With the current approval rating for the CZW Owner at an all time low, many question how well this team will function.  Nevertheless, this will be a must see event!  For tickets you can visit

The tour continues the next weekend in Germany when wXw and CZW team up for One Weekend In Germany.  As announced before, part of this weekend of events will be a special European Tournament of Death!  After yesterday’s controversial announcement that Matt Tremont was removed from the tour due to his contract status with CZW, wXw released the following statement on their Official Facebook page…  “After yesterdays feedback to DJ Hyde cancelling Matt Tremont off the wXw/CZW joint events we did exactly what you guys asked for:

We called Matt Tremont, we booked him a plane ticket and we can confirm the Bulldozer for November 2nd - 4th in Germany. DJ was not pleased at all and said he refused to wrestle him, be it in singles or tag format.

That's why we booked this six men tag, falls count anywhere rules, for wXw Fight Club on November 2nd!”

The match that is currently booked by wXw is Toby Blunt, Mike Schwarz, and Matt Tremont vs. Sasa Keel, Michael Isotov, and DJ has not been able to reach DJ Hyde for comment about this match.  However, it is clear that this situation between DJ Hyde will be a hot topic of conversation this weekend when CZW returns to the Flyers Skate Zone in Voorhees, NJ THIS SATURDAY.

Stay logged onto as more updates about the upcoming European tour are made available.

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