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CZW congratulates some of our own for making the PWI 500
Tuesday, August 3, 2010 @ 02:01pm EDT

There's an old saying that pride is a personal commitment.  It is an attitude that separates excellence from mediocrity.  Last week was indeed a proud week for CZW.  Since 1991, PWI (Pro Wrestling Illustrated) has released a yearly special highlighting the 500 best wrestlers in the world.  This year, CZW is proud to be represented by FIFTEEN individuals who bust their asses month after month in the Combat Zone for YOU, the CZW fans.

Of the 15, the founding members of THE SWITCHBLADE CONSPIRACY (CZW World Heavyweight Champion JON MOXLEY & SAMI CALLIHAN, a former Iron Man and UVU Champion) took the highest rankings.  Moxley ranked in at 103 & Callihan ranked in at 174.

The 200 level ranking is definitely a golden tier, as all of the men in this group have held gold in the Combat Zone & some have taken home tournament trophies.  THE BEST AROUND (TJ CANNON & BRUCE MAXWELL), the longest reigning CZW Tag Team Champions, ranked in at 241 & 263 respectively.  Look for TBA to once again prove why they are the best tag team around as they try to win the CZW Tag Team Title Tournament.  Ranking in at 244 is a nearly 10 year veteran of the Combat Zone; RUCKUS has held the CZW World, Tag, & Jr Heavyweight Championships on several occasions and won Best of the Best 6.  The longest reigning CZW World Heavyweight Champion & Tournament of Death 6 winner, DRAKE YOUNGER, ranked in at 245.  Ranking in at 249 is "THE NEW AGE PUNISHER" B-BOY.  B-Boy is the Best of the Best 3 winner, a former Iron Man Champion, & the man who captured his first world title by ending the reign of Drake Younger.  Finalizing the 200 level ranking is a man who is loved by his fans yet feared worldwide.  He has held nearly every championship in CZW numerous times, won Tournament of Death 5, & seeks to kill them all to be back on top.  NICK "FUCKING" GAGE finishes the 200 level with a ranking of 284.

The 300 & 400 levels are comprised of men who are considered to be the future of this sport.  Ranking in at 341 is a man who held the CZW Iron Man & Jr. Heavyweight Championships simultaneously, won Best of the Best 9, & is seeking to win his first CZW World Heavyweight Championship; EGOTISTICO FANTASTICO.  One half of Irish Driveby looking to obtain his first CZW Tag Team Championship, RYAN MCBRIDE, ranks in at 348. McBride is a former Jr. Heavyweight Champion.  Rush Enterprises latest acquisitions have found themselves in the 300 level rankings.  Students of The Hardy Boyz, TEAM MACKTION (TJ MACK & KIRBY MACK) rank in at 371 & 377 respectively.  No doubt they too have their eyes on the vacated CZW Tag Team Championship.  CZW's German standout, the winner of Tournament of Death Rewind & former UVU Champion, THUMBTACK JACK ranked in at 409.  Two friends & tag team partners finished out the 400 level ranking.  Both men seek to add the CZW Tag Team Championship to their resumes.  The first ever Wired TV Champion, "HIGH DEFINITION" TYLER VERITAS ranked in at 410.  The current reigning Jr. Heavyweight Champion & a man who has appeared on WWE SmackDown!, ADAM COLE, ranked in at 417. caught up with "The Boss" DJ Hyde & he had this to say for us:  "Ever since taking ownership of CZW last year, I've stressed to everyone each month to put on the best show possible for the fans.  I'm very proud of the individuals who made it to the list, even if I intend on kicking one's ass in particular at our upcoming events in North Carolina & Philadelphia".

CZW Management wishes to congratulate not only the current members of the roster who made the PWI 500 but also the men & women who have stepped foot in the Combat Zone in the past also on the list.  Their success stories have proven time & again that CZW is the place to make your name in this sport & it is because of them we are where we are today.

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