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Controversy Surrounding the Wired Championship
Thursday, August 22, 2013 @ 03:59pm EDT

Following the events of Tangled Web 6, it is clear that there is a bit of controversy surrounding the Wired Championship, currently held by AR Fox.  It has already been announced that at Down With The Sickness AR Fox would be defending the championship in the Chri$ Ca$h Memorial Ladder Match again two the following:  Alex Colon, Shane Strickland, or Andrew Everett.  Earlier this week, the Wired TV cameras caught up with all four men arguing about the situation.  In the video, Maven Bentley decided that Fox would team with Strickland to take on the team of Alex Colon and Andrew Everett.  The stipulation is that whoever is pinned or made to submit at Deja Vu will be the odd man out.  (Click here to see the video)

Ever since Best of the Best XII, Alex Colon has been obsessed with ending the year-long championship reign of AR Fox.  Despite holding a major victory over the People's Choice, Colon hasn't had the most stellar of records.  At the same time though, Colon has continuously made an impact each and every month since winning the prestigious trophy.

One of the reasons why Colon doesn't have a stellar post-Best of the Best record is because of the New Flavor.  Despite NOT winning this year's Best of the Best, Strickland has been nearly unstoppable holding a victory over the leader of 4Loco.  What will be interesting heading into the next two events is how Strickland and Fox's relationship will last.  Clearly these two have a respect for each other, but there is a very good chance that both men will be climbing the ladder at Down With The Sickness on September 14th...  Championship gold has a way of tearing friendships apart.

The fourth man in all of this is Andrew Everett.  Everett has been the most talked about new star in the Combat Zone.  He has continued to impress with each outing.  He even took Fox to the limit at Tangled Web 6.  However, it was Strickland and Fox who carelessly attacked Everett to send a message to Colon.

September is shaping up to be the most exciting month of 2013 for the most exciting championship in the sport today!  Just imagine what could happen...  If AR Fox is pinned during the Tag Team Match at Deja Vu on September 7th in Dayton, Ohio, he will essentially be stripped of the Wired Championship.  If that is the case then it will be Strickland, Colon, and Everett competing to become the new Wired Champion!  Excitement and controversy are truly in the air!  Tickets for BOTH events are currently on sale at the CZW Pro Shop.  To discuss all the happenings in CZW, "Like" CZW on Facebook or Follow CZW on Twitter (@combatzone). 

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