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Cole Making Waves Overseas
Wednesday, March 2, 2011 @ 08:04pm EST has been flooded with emails asking about our CZW Junior Heavyweight Champion's trip overseas.  As you are all aware now, Adam Cole has been spending the last two weeks in the United Kingdom representing CZW as part of CZW's 2011 World Tour.  On Monday, you were made aware that Adam Cole successfully defended the CZW Junior Heavyweight Championship against Joey Hayes at a recent 1PW event.  We are now able to report ALL of Cole's matches now.

All-Star Wrestling-Thurs Feb 17-Southport, England-Adam Cole def. Phil Powers in 17:13 with a super-kick

All-Star Wrestling-Fri Feb 18-York, England-Adam Cole and K-Kool def. Collasas in 14:56 when Cole hit Collasas with a top rope cross body

All-Star Wrestling-Sat Feb 19 (afternoon)-Skegness, England-Phil Powers def. Adam Cole in 20:04 when Powers put his feet on the ropes

All-Star Wrestling-Sat Feb 19 (evening)-Birkenhead, England-Deano def. Adam Cole in 14:45 with a second rope moonsault

All-Star Wrestling-Sun Feb 20-Dartford, England-Brodie Steele and Former WWE Superstar Gangrel def. Adam Cole and T-Bone in 22:03 when Brodie hit T-Bone with the ring bell

All-Star Wrestling-Mon Feb 21-Southend on Sea, England-Adam Cole, Robbie Brookside, Frankie Sloan, and James Mason def. Brodie Steele, Gangrel, Mikey Whiplash, and Viking Warrior in 25:38 in an 8 man tag

All-Star Wrestling-Tues Feb 22-Hastings, England-Adam Cole def. Mikey Whiplash in 18:18 with a superkick

All-Star Wrestling-Wed Feb 23-Gravesend, England-Adam Cole def. Mikey Whiplash in 21:31 with a superkick

All-Star Wrestling-Thurs Feb 24-Aldershot, England-Adam Cole def. Mikey Whiplash in 19:00 with a high cross body

All-Star Wrestling-Fri Feb 25-Lowestoft, England-Adam Cole def. Former WWE Superstar Gangrel via DQ

One Pro Wrestling-Sat Feb 26-Ellesmere Port, England-Adam Cole def. Joey Hayes in 13:54 with a reverse DDT

FCW-Sun Feb 27-Lower Gornal, England-Adam Cole def. Carlos in 19:15 with a wheel barrel backstabber

Stay logged onto as Sami Callihan joins Adam Cole in Germany as they take part in wXw's 16 Carat Tournament next weekend!

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