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Closing Days Results From Japan
Monday, April 4, 2011 @ 01:44pm EDT

The CZW Stars started off their trip to Japan hot with an undefeated record in the first few days...  However, the BJW Stars proved that they are every bit as tough as the Ultraviolent men from South Philadelphia beating the CZWers in their last matches in Japan before sending them back home for Best of the Best X Weekend .  However, coming to CZW this weekend is "The Crazy Monkey" Jun Kasai, and things will be a lot different when he steps into the Combat Zone to defend the UVU Championship against Danny Havoc!  Kasai isn't coming alone either, Daisuke Sekimoto will be on the same plane to Philadelphia to take part in the Best of the Best X Tournament.  Time will tell if the Big Japan Stars will find the same success in America that the Combat Zone Stars found in Japan.  Below are the results of the closing days of CZW in Japan.
- 4/3/2011 BJW Sapporo (Day Show)
"The Crazy Monkey"Jun Kasai defeated "The Golden Boy" Drake Younger In a Falls Count Anywhere Special Boards Death Match
Ryuji Ito, Yuko Miyamoto, Abdullah Kobayashi & Kankuro Hoshino defeated Danny Havoc, "Black Angel" Jaki Numazawa, Masashi Takeda & Mototsugu Shimizu

- 4/3/2011 BJW Sapporo (Night Show)
Yuji Okabayashi, Takumi Tsukamoto & Kazuki Hashimoto defeated "Killadel's Finest" The BLK Jeez, Shinya Ishikawa & Masashi Ohtani
"The Crazy Monkey" Jun Kasai, "The Golden Boy" Drake Younger & Danny Havoc defeated Kankuro Hoshino, Ryuji Ito & Mototsugu Shimizu

4/4/2011 BJW Asahikawa
"Killadel's Finest" The BLK Jeez & "The Black Angel" Jaki Numazawa defeated Shinya Ishikawa & Takumi Tsukamoto
Ryuji Ito, Takashi Sasaki & Yuko Miyamoto defeated "The Crazy Monkey" Jun Kasai, "The Golden Boy" Drake Younger & Danny Havoc

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