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Chasing The Dream
Sunday, December 5, 2010 @ 04:00pm EST

Cage of Death XII is right around the corner, and here at we've recently learned that a special 6-way scramble match has been added to an already stacked card. As of this writing, we do not know yet what stipulations may be added to this match-up, but it has been announced that the winner of the match will be named the first participant in CZW's highly anticipated "Best of the Best" tournament this coming April.

We also still do not know who all will be in this contest, but the front office has revealed the first four competitors: the highly decorated CZW veteran, Ruckus; the technically gifted newcomer, Jonathan Gresham; the mysterious (and brutal) warrior, Akuma; and CZW's resident angry young man, Alex Colon. On a global scale, there are not many people who know much about Alex Colon but since that will all change when Cage of Death is broadcast live on pay per stream, we did some research on a young man who will sooner, rather than later, be known to wrestling fans across the world.

Colon grew up in a tough New Jersey neighborhood, in a single parent household with his brothers.  Long hours at work kept his mother away a lot of the time and with no father figure around Colon spent a lot of time on the streets, often running with a pretty rough crowd. Colon first discovered his passion for wrestling after seeing Hogan vs. The Ultimate Warrior at Wrestlemania VI, and spent a lot of time wrestling friends at school and his brothers at home; but it was his discovery of CZW in 2001 (& the build-up to the first B.O.T.B.) that made him decide to pursue a career in professional wrestling.

From that point on, Colon studied tapes and did everything he could to prepare for the ring.  When his mother got remarried, his stepfather took an active interest in Alex and began to teach him some basics in kung fu and karate to add to his arsenal.  These lessons served him well, as Colon still often found himself having to fight in the streets.

Colon's rough upbringing has prepared him well to compete in CZW, as he was prepared to scratch and claw his way to the top.  Since his debut at the Chri$ Ca$h Memorial Show in '07, Colon has steadily stepped up his game, getting better with each outing.  Colon is a tough, street smart, hungry competitor who, as of late, has really impressed both fans and management everytime he has stepped between the ropes. Colon may not be the biggest guy, but his unique combination of speed and striking ability along with his ability to adapt to different opponents and situations have made him a formidable competitor.  He has gotten a lot of press on this website has of late because, to put it simply, he deserves it. Come December 11th, don't be surprised if you see Alex Colon get his hand raised as he takes another step towards a goal he set almost a decade ago: to be the best of the best.

---Salamander Jones


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