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When the Switchblade Conspiracy first came to terrorize CZW in 2009, it appeared that destiny had them headed towards a long and prominent run atop the Combat Zone. Fast forward to 2010, the Switchblades were reduced in numbers, but still going strong as Sami Callihan and Joe Gacy continued to write their own rules. Fast forward again to the Summer of 2010 where the Conspiracy finally faced defeat in their biggest of matches

against Greg Excellent and DJ Hyde. Right after the final bell, the first cracks in the armor were suddenly apparent. And, just as quickly as the first cracks appeared, the implosion occured, and with a swift beatdown of Callihan by Joe Gacy, the full destruction of the Switchblade Conspiracy had occurred... and it came from within.

In the aftermath of the Conspiracy's split, Callihan and Gacy appeared to shifted their respective focuses towards new goals, leaving each other on the backburner. At September's "Down With the Sickness" (available now at, Gacy embarked on a new challenge with tag team partner Ryan Slater, while Sami, on his own, embarked on a new challenge of his own.

At October's "It's Always Bloody in Philadelphia" (available soon at, the "New Horror" entered into perhaps the biggest battle of his career, going one-on-one with HOMICIDE in the main event of a historic night of CZW action. Midway through the battle however, it became clear that one former of the Switchblade Conspiracy had yet to fully move on. Seizing an opportunity to play spoiler, Joe Gacy hit the ringside area, and was able to cause enough of a distraction to take Callihan off his game, and cost him the biggest match of his career. Moments after the bell, Gacy further proved his cowardice, running from both Callihan and Homicide, for a moment claiming the upper hand in a very personal war. This afternoon however, has learned that Gacy may have been able to run, but he won't be able to hide forever...

On October 16th at CZW's New England debut, Joe Gacy will be forced to face the music when he meets Sami Callihan one-on-one at Deja Vu 5! Which of these two will walk out of Tyngsboro, Massachusetts with the victory, and the final word on a very bitter breakup? We find out this Saturday!

- Stay tuned to in the coming days for more on the fallout from "It's Always Bloody in Philadelphia", and more on our huge New England debut on Saturday, October 16th in Tyngsboro, MA for Deja Vu 5!


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