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Moments ago, a video was posted here on of an altercation that took place in Germany.  After personally speaking with the owner of the Combat Zone, I can tell you that it's on!  Tomorrow night in Philadelphia the team of DJ HYDE & World Jr. Heavyweight Champion ADAM COLE will take on the team of GREG EXCELLENT and SAMI CALLIHANAs if that wasn't enough, the following stipulations have been added to the match:

If DJ & Cole win, Greg Excellent will be FIRED & Callihan can NEVER again challenge for Cole's Jr. Heavyweight Championship.

If Greg & Sami win, not only will Greg Excellent get DJ one on one at "Cage of Death XIII" on December 3rd & be able to name the stipulation of the match, but Callihan will receive a shot at the Jr. Heavyweight Championship at "Night of Infamy X" on November 12th!

Be there tomorrow night in Philadelphia to find out what happens when this powder keg explodes as we get closer to Cage of Death Weekend!

Written for by CJ Becker

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