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5/17 - CZW News and Notes: Moxley backs out, Hyde's ruling opens the door for MAJOR CZW RETURN in June and more!

- When DJ Hyde purchased CZW in the Fall of 2009, it opened the door to a fresh start, and a clean slate for all CZW superstars, both past and present. Since that day, we've seen many a CZW legend return to the Combat Zone in pursuit of a 2nd life on wrestling's purest stage in South Philadelphia's world famous Arena. Late this afternoon, has learned that Jon Moxley has capitalized on this ruling in hopes of avoiding top challenger Ego Fantastico once and for all...

- The reclusive CZW Champion contacted officials this afternoon and declared once again that despite Ego Fantastico following Moxley's demands to the letter of the word, he will NOT be granted his title shot on June 12th's CZW return to South Philly. Referring to Ego's victory over former CZW Champion Nick Berk at May's CZW event (available soon on Smart Mark Video DVD), Moxley called the masked star's efforts to be "insufficient" in proving that he is worthy of a title shot. Instead, Moxley has backtracked, and fallen back on DJ Hyde's declaration at the time of purchase in providing his own opponent for Ego Fantastico on June 12th. As stated late this afternoon, Jon Moxley has signed his own opponent for Ego, and it will be none other than former CZW World Heavyweight Champion CHRIS HERO! Can the former savior of the Combat Zone become the savior of the Switchblade Conspiracy? Can Ego Fantastico catapult himself to the next level in the minds of CZW management and fans? We will find out when these two meet for the first time ever in Philadelphia when CZW returns on June 12th with "Lines in the Sand".

- In addition to the explosive news of Chris Hero's return to the Combat Zone, has learned of another match and return for CZW's June 12th return to Philadelphia. In what should be a very fast-paced high flying attraction, TEAM MACKTION will go one-on-one with fan favorites IRISH DRIVEBY in a pivotal tag-team attraction. Which team can score the victory, and climb the next step up the tag team ladder?

- Also, in case you missed it, CZW Wired Episode #20 is now available on This latest exclusive new episode is your perfect way to start preparing for June 26th's return to Delaware for TOURNAMENT OF DEATH 9! Take a look back at some classic TOURNAMENT OF DEATH matches including appearance by Sick Nick Mondo, the Wifebeater, the Necro Butcher and much more! Also, WIRED #20 is your first chance to see highlights from the unbelievable clash between ZANDIG and BRAIN DAMAGE at May's "Fist Fight" event, exclusive promos, and much more! Head over to to see the hardcore wrestling program that everyone is talking about!

Saturday, June 12th, 2010
The CZW Arena - 7PM Belltime
7 West Ritner Street - South Philly, PA
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Signed for CZW's 'Lines In The Sand':

Hero's Return!

Tag Team Showdown

and then...

Saturday, June 26th, 2010
The Ultraviolent Underground - 3PM Belltime
Townsend, Delaware (address to be posted soon)
Get Tickets | More Info

Stay tuned to for more on the fallout from "FIST FIGHT", and the build to CZW's June 12th return to South Philly and June 26th return to the ULTRAVIOLENT UNDERGROUND for Tournament of Death 9!

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