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Best of the Best XII Rewind Match at Proving Grounds
Tuesday, April 30, 2013 @ 10:00pm EDT

CZW Officials have just announced another match for the already stacked Proving Grounds line-up on May 11.  This match will showcase three of the top prospects coming out of Best of the Best XII.  The former Chiva Kid Andrew Everett returns to take on the self-proclaimed Sexiest Man in Wrestling, Caleb Konley, and the CZW mainstay Shane Hollister in what is being called a Best of the Best Rewind.

It was almost three weeks ago when each of these men impressed the Combat Zone with their performances at Best of the Best XII.  In fact, after each man’s loss many in the CZW audience were shocked.  Caleb Konley, who before Best of the Best XII was probably the least known amongst the CZW faithful.  But after his match, he may show the most promise.  Many actually believe that if it weren’t for the Front getting involved in the match, Konley could have been named this year’s Best of the Best.

Then there is Andrew Everett.  It was only about three months ago if you said the name many would have questioned, “Who?”  But at National Pro Wrestling Day under his previous alias as Chiva Kid, he earned himself a spot in Best of the Best XII when he stole the entire event.  Heading into WrestleCon in front of a mix audience of new CZW fans and loyal CZW fans, Everett once again had to prove himself.  Much like at Best of the Best XII, it was his own daredevil ways that not only stole the show but also took himself out of the match.  He went into Best of the Best XII ready to steal the show again, but again it was his own risk taking that did him in.

Finally, Shane Hollister returns to CZW ready to make all his sacrifices worth it.  He went into CZW Best of the Best XII with the least fanfare of all the CZW mainstays, but may have shined the brightest.  Sure, his attitude is questionable…  But his abilities aren’t.

May 11th is a day for every man and woman in the locker room to PROVE their worth.  Each man in this match now begins the trek to next year’s Best of the Best.  They all set out to PROVE that they have what it takes to challenge CZW’s finest.  But first they have to go through each other.  For tickets to see this Best of the Best Rewind, visit the CZW Pro Shop now. You can also follow all the action from the comfort of your home by ordering the LIVE iPPV at To discuss all things CZW related, be sure to "Like" CZW on Facebook and/or Follow CZW on Twitter @combatzone #CZW.

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