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An International Incident at Cage of Death XII?
Friday, December 3, 2010 @ 05:32pm EST

"If ignorant of both your enemy and yourself, you are certain to be in peril." - Sun Tzu

Ever since the working relationship between CZW & Big Japan was re-established, the CZW fans have been clamoring to know who from BJW would be waging war in the Combat Zone.  At Tournament of Death 9, the light-tube crunching ABDULLAH KOBAYASHI came to the United States and eliminated NICK GAGE in the first round of the annual deathmatch tournament.  The CZW fans in Townsend, Delaware watched in disbelief as the self proclaimed King of Ultraviolence merely observed the rest of the event, instead of carving up opponents.

Looking to get back on track, Gage set his sights on the CZW World Heavyweight Championship and captured his 4th world title in North Carolina at Southern Violence.  The reign would go down as one of the shortest in CZW history though, as Jon Moxley reclaimed the coveted championship only a week later in Philadelphia at Tangled Web III.  An infuriated Gage made short work of Greg Excellent at It's Always Bloody in Philadelphia.  Barely able to enjoy the victory, the lights in the CZW Arena dimmed as Big Japan aired a video goading Gage into facing another member of their roster at Cage of Death XII.  Refusing to be intimidated in our house, Gage accepted the challenge and made an announcement of his own.  A thirst for gold needed to be quenched & when CZW debuted in Germany last month, he was determined to bring the Ultraviolent Underground Championship home by killing Adam Polak.

At T.O.D. vs. Gorefest, Gage not only won the championship in a Polish Punishment Deathmatch, but went on to win the ENTIRE tournament.  A week later in Philadelphia, Gage received a hero's welcome from the CZW fans.  After proving to everyone that he was not only the toughest man in CZW but internationally and nearly coming to blows with CZW Wired TV Champion Drew Gulak, the lights in the CZW Arena went out again as Big Japan made its presence felt.  Officially challenging Nick Gage for the Ultraviolent Underground Championship next Saturday is YUKO MIYAMOTO.

The challenge has been accepted and the stage chosen.  But one has to wonder about the mindset of Nick Gage.  Gage is already 0-1 against Big Japan wrestlers in the United States this year.  The loss against Kobayashi at TOD 9 has to still be tormenting him.  Either overconfidence, or that nagging loss, may turn out to be the greatest weakness of the CZW legend.

December has arrived, and once again, Japan is planning to attack a great warrior of the United States.  Only this time, the attack is not to establish naval supremacy.  Blood will be spilled in a battle for honor and the CZW Ultraviolent Underground Championship.  The question remains though; will the championship stay at home in the United States, or will it be taken across the Pacific to the Land of the Rising Sun?  Witness an epic battle between two fearless warriors for championship gold on Saturday, December 11 at Cage of Death XII in Philadelphia!

Written for by CJ Becker


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