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Actions Speak Louder than Words
Wednesday, September 8, 2010 @ 06:49am EDT

Ask yourself this question. What is the one thing we all want out of life? For most of us, ultimately, it is to be successful in whatever we aspire to do. We all want to be successful in spite of whatever crap life decides to throw in our direction. We want that feeling of being the best; of being on top. In the Combat Zonethere is one man the CZW faithful wish they could be; NICK GAGE.

Gage embodies what everyone wishes they could be in the working world. Think about it. In the confines of Corporate America, there is a set of rules we all must follow & a game that everyone must play to achieve that success we crave. If our bosses tell us something we know is wrong or don't want to hear, do we openly criticize them? More than likely, we wind up kissing their asses instead. Nick Gage on the other hand will not only tell you you're wrong, but will jack you in the jaw for being an idiot. When you're passed up for promotion in favor of the annoying coworker you know is less deserving, what do you do? More than likely, you're drinking at the bar or venting to anyone who will listen. Nick Gage will go out & kick the ass of whoever tries to take what he feels is rightfully is.

We all watched Nick Gage struggle to get back on top & reclaim the CZW World Heavyweight Championship. Gage came close in March at Walking On Pins and Needles, but it was ultimately Jon Moxley who stood victorious. For 5 long months after that, Gage tore through anyone who stood in the way of him and his prize. At Southern Violence, the hard work paid off as Gage defeated former champion Drake Younger & Jon Moxley in an impromptu 3 Way Dance to reclaim his coveted title. The King of Ultraviolence was back on his throne. The hard work & perseverance paid off.  The CZW fans all felt like they had a taste of success by supporting Gage through his struggle.

But what a difference a week makes. Just like in Corporate America, CZW is home to what could be considered the annoying coworker with a sense of self entitlement; one EGOTISTICO FANTASTICO. In the time Gage was killing his way back to the top, Ego was crying about not getting a title match with Jon Moxley. While many have said Moxley was ducking Ego by making him face former champions, it is the opinion of this editor that Moxley wanted to test Ego & make him work for his match. While the CZW fans started out supporting Ego, it was Ego's own sense of self entitlement that turned them against him. Actions speak louder than words, and the CZW fans chose to support the actions of Gage as opposed to hearing the complaining of Ego. Only one week into his reign, the King of Ultraviolence was dethroned by a couple of usurpers in Philadelphia before all of his subjects. The CZW fans still feel now as they felt then; angry. Angry because they have seen success snatched from someone who busted their ass to get back to the top by those less deserving. They see it every day in the "real world" & last month, they saw it in the Combat Zone.

I tried reaching out to the Gage for a comment on what he plans to do this Friday in Philadelphia & he had this to say:

"I HAVE NO TIME OR PATIENCE FOR YOU INTERNET REPORTER PUSSIES!!!  GET LOST OR I'M GONNA BEAT YOUR FUCKING ASS!!!"  (At that moment, I realized if I kept trying to obtain a comment, I probably would have wound up losing the ability to walk or chew my food.  Needless to say, I happily got lost.)

When CZW returns home to Philadelphia on Friday, September 10th, one thing is for certain. Nick Gage is out for blood. Nick Gage will start killing to get back to the top again. And I pity whoever crosses paths with the King of Ultraviolence.

Written for by CJ Becker


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