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A New Chapter Begins For One Man
Tuesday, March 8, 2011 @ 12:29pm EST

CZW Officials have confirmed that Ruckus returns to the ring for CZW this Saturday night at Status Update: Fantastic!  His opponent this Saturday will be "The One Man Wolfpack" tHURTeen.

Both men are looking for a fresh start here in the Combat Zone.  tHURTeen has seemingly been a lost puppy since Cult Fiction's destruction at Cage of Death XII.  He tried to form a three man wolfpack at From Small Beginnings... Comes Great Things by "aiding" The Runaways in their post-victory assault of Irish Driveby.  If you saw the DVD or Stream from, then you saw The Runaways absolutely destroy tHURTeen.  An assault so bad, that the CZW Commissioner, Maven Bentley, has Gacy and Slater on the second month of their suspension.

Meanwhile, Ruckus has seemingly hit a career roadblock.  After winning almost every title CZW has to offer and appearing on MTV, Ruckus has lost most of his matches over the last last year.  It is well known that he has lost many of his friends in the locker room for one reason or another.  As Robbie Mireno put it on the latest episode of Wired TV, Ruckus is an old toy and the Combat Zone has found new toys to play with.

Saturday March 12, 2011 will be a night that one man can reignite their career in the Combat Zone...  While the other falls further into obscurity.  Find out who gets their fresh start by getting your tickets now at the Pro Shop right here at!

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