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Thursday, October 14, 2010 @ 01:27am EDT

"The Redcoats are coming...the Redcoats are coming!" - Paul Revere, 1775

"GAGE IS GONNA KILL YOU...GAGE IS GONNA KILL YOU!" - CZW Fans, 1999 through 2010

Massachusetts is a rather infamous state.  Home of "the shot heard round the world" that started the American Revolution, the Boston Tea Party, & the Boston Massacre. This Saturday, Massachusetts will bear witness to what will soon go down in wrestling history as the TYNGSBORO MASSACRE. A battle will rage between two great entities with the prize being the CZW World Heavyweight Championship!

NICK GAGE won his 4th CZW World Heavyweight Championship in North Carolina, defeating 2 other men in an impromptu 3 way dance. A week later, Gage lost the belt in Philadelphia in another 3 way dance to current champion JON MOXLEY. Gage made it well known to CZW management & to the CZW fans that he wanted his rematch and he wanted it soon. CZW management listened & decided Gage would face Moxley, regardless of whether or not he was the champion, in a grudge match in Massachusetts.

This past Saturday at It's Always Bloody in Philadelphia, Jon Moxley retained the CZW World Heavyweight Championship against "The Ego" Robert Anthony (formerly Egotistico Fantastico) in a match that lived up to the show's name. Immediately after the match ended, Gage hit the ring brandishing a barbed wire laced baseball bat & made his intentions clear. Gage wants Moxley in a NO ROPE, BARBED WIRE MATCH for the CZW World Heavyweight Championship.

Gage faced Moxley for the CZW Championship this past March at Walking on Pins and Needles in a bloody brawl that featured chairs & pizza cutters among other weapons but came up short. Seven months later, they will do battle again in a match designed to maim, disfigure, & above all, make men bleed. Gage declared in Philly that he not only intends on capturing his 5th CZW World Heavyweight Championship, but will cut Moxley so deep you will see bone.

This Saturday in Tyngsboro, the residents of Massachusetts will be experiencing Deja Vu. Blood will be spilled as CZW, the revolutionary force in professional wrestling, invades the state.  The grudge match of the year will go down as two men will enter the no rope barbed wire ring; one will emerge as the CZW World Heavyweight Champion.  Get your tickets NOW and tell everyone that YOU witnessed the TYNGSBORO MASSACRE!!!

Written for by CJ Becker


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