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A Look at the CZW Tag Team Title Tournament
Wednesday, July 21, 2010 @ 08:24am EDT

June 12, 2010 was the date of CZW's "Lines In The Sand" event, a night which changed the landscape of CZW's tag team division for months to come.  At the conclusion of the evening, after a successful title defense against Cult Fiction's Masada and Brain Damage, CZW World Tag Team Champions Drake Younger and Eddie Kingston, were assumedly atop the highly competitive tag team division in CZW.  However, Eddie Kingston, upset with things in the Combat Zone

abruptly quit CZW and threw his World Tag Team title belt down to the floor, damaging it in the process.  This left Drake Younger without a tag team partner and it left CZW without one half of its' tag team champions.


One month later on July 10th, the evening of CZW's "Home Sweet Home" event, CZW owner DJ Hyde made his decision on how to rectify the emerging World Tag Team Title situation after careful deliberation.  He made two announcements which were sure to make the already competitive CZW tag team division even more cutthroat in nature.  His first order of business was to unfortunately strip Drake Younger of his championship due to "The Psycho Shooter" not having a tag team partner to defend the championship with.  Secondly, DJ Hyde announced a HUGE CZW World Tag Team Title tournament to take place throughout the course of the remainder of the year. 


Within his announcement, DJ said that he had sent out invitations to some of the top tag teams in the nation and even all over the world to take place in this single-elimination 8 team tournament.  DJ also announced the first two tag teams to enter the tournament, first the debuting OSIRIAN PORTAL of OPHIDIAN and AMASIS as well as the former and longest-reigning CZW World Tag Team champions in the illustrious history of the title, THE BEST AROUND of "Immaculate" TJ CANNON and "Picture Perfect" BRUCE MAXWELL (who very well may have the greatest amount of momentum, defeating former CZW World Champions B-BOY & DRAKE YOUNGER at "Home Sweet Home").  Both The Osirian Portal and The Best Around will be in first round competition at CZW's "A Tangled Web 3" event on August 14th, when the tournament formally begins.


However, CZW is bringing some hotly contested tag team action to North Carolina as they debut in Lumberton with "Southern Violence" on Saturday, August 7th.  The Robeson County Fairgrounds will see TWO Qualifying Matches on this evening of ultraviolence as DJ HYDE & GREG EXCELLENT will take on Rush Wrestling Enterprises' TEAM MACKTION and SAMI CALLIHAN & JOE GACY will represent the Switchblade Conspiracy against DANNY HAVOC & the Tournament of Death 9 winner SCOTTY VORTEKZ.  The winners of these two matches will receive entries into the main tournament which begins the very next week in South Philadelphia.


The tournament will begin at Augusts’ "A Tangled Web 3" event, continuing on through the remainder of the year, finally culminating at December's "CAGE OF DEATH XII" event.  Both Augusts’ and September's events will have 2 first round matches a piece, with the winners of each match moving on to the semi-finals in October, with each vying for an opportunity to move on to December's "CAGE OF DEATH XII" event to fight for the CZW World Tag Team Titles.


The road towards tag team supremacy has already begun in the Combat Zone.  Who will qualify in Lumberton, NC on August 7th?  Which teams will fill out the remaining spots in the tournament?  Will there be any shocking returns to the Combat Zone?  Will there be more teams debuting along with The Osirian Portal over the course of the next few months?  However, the most important question is:  which team will be leaving The Arena in South Philadelphia after "CAGE OF DEATH XII" with the CZW World Tag Team Titles?

Written by  Scott LaDouque for


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