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A Lack of Respect
Friday, July 23, 2010 @ 05:32pm EDT

From The Desk of Maven T. Bentley, Esq. on this 23rd of July, 2010

What if your favorite or least favorite CZW stars worked at McDonald’s? What if Joker and Sabian worked at McDonald’s? What if their rants about management were not addressed towards myself but addressed towards a 35 year old balding shift manager who could care less about them as individuals? What if they were wished well in their future endeavors?

I have been the promoter for CZW, LLC off and on for almost seven years. I started my voyage in the land of ultraviolence standing behind Sabian and Joker and treated them not just like my favorite clients but like family. I kept them out of jail; remember stealing cars on camera, fellas? I helped carry Sabian into the hospital in Allentown, PA after that training session where he thought he broke his neck. I was at Joker’s house for his farewell party before his first tour of Iraq. You would think that due to my past actions they might have a little respect for me, and if not as their boss as their friend.

Apparently this is not the case. These two seem to forget when they are at work. These two seem to forget who runs Combat Zone Wrestling’s daily operations. I decide on most matches. I decide on championship opportunities. I decide on pay scales. If they worked at McDonald’s they would be reduced to cleaning out grease traps for the disrespect they have shown me!* Furthermore, while cleaning said grease traps, if their boss heard the language they have used to describe him, they would be terminated.

But fear not gentlemen! William and Demetrius, your friend Maven would never fire you. However as always, those who are insubordinate at work will eventually have to pay!

- MTB, Esq.

*CZW, LLC and its affiliates do not claim that cleaning grease traps is a bad job, in fact it is quite a viable and necessary job within the fast food industry.


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