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The People's Underdog
Monday, April 25, 2011 @ 10:24am EDT

Ever since debuting in the Combat Zone last year, AR FOX has been on a roll and has quickly become a fan favorite.  Holding victories over some of CZW's top up & comers in the Junior Heavyweight Division, Fox finds himself once again in a position to challenge for ADAM COLE'S World Junior Heavyweight Title.

Fox and Cole first met for the championship at "It's Always Bloody in Philadelphia".  Not one to let the defeat stand in his way, Fox started climbing the ladder again in pursuit of a rematch.  After impressing CZW Management with his drive and determination, the rematch was granted.  At "Cage of Death XII", Fox and Cole met for a second time.  Just as it seemed 2010 would become the year of the Fox, Cole's girlfriend MIA YIM interfered and the championship reign of Adam Cole continued.  Undeterred, Fox vowed to once again climb the ladder and challenge for the title that has eluded him twice before.  The opportunity presented itself after "Best of the Best X".  Though he did not win the tournament, Fox did take home the "People's Choice" award after being given the plaque from SAMI CALLIHAN.  After impressing everyone again, CZW Owner DJ HYDE made the match official.  On Saturday night, May 14th, AR Fox will once again challenge Adam Cole for the CZW World Junior Heavyweight Championship.

But this time, Fox has an equalizer in his corner.  Had it not been due to interference from Mia Yim in this year's "Best of the Best X" tournament, it's almost certain that this year's winner would be Sami Callihan and not Adam Cole.  Knowing of Yim's penchant for getting involved in matches, DJ has ordered that Mia Yim be HANDCUFFED to Sami Callihan during the match!

"Just in case you've been living under a rock, I just won CZW's Best of the Best X. This was the biggest Best of the Best yet, and I walked away as champion like I always do. And for all the fans fortunate enough to be in attendance, May is the one year anniversary of me being the most dominant CZW World Junior Heavyweight Champion in history. I've beaten AR Fox twice. Yeah, he's on a roll. But when you compare it to my roll as the future, no, the BEST in the industry, he just doesn't compare. CZW can do all they want to stack the odds against me. They can have my saint of a woman Mia Yim handcuffed to that crazy, in denial Sami Callihan. I will still walk away your Junior Heavyweight Champion. Why? Because I'm the best that there is!"  - CZW World Junior Heavyweight Champion Adam Cole

"My baby, Adam Cole, already beat A.R Fox not once, but twice.  Why the fuck does Fox keeps coming back for more ass beatings?  My love will come on top once again.  And me being handcuffed to that ugly troll, Sami Callihan will not stop me from supporting my man.  I know it's Sami's dream to be handcuffed with me." - CZW Bombshell Mia Yim

"They say the third time's the charm.  Well, 'The People's Choice' is going to prove that myth to be fact when I win the belt I've worked so hard for!  And unlike last time, that little hoochie is gonna be cuffed to Sami on the outside.  I know this's in the bag!" - AR Fox

On Saturday night, May 14th, the CZW World Junior Heavyweight Championship is up for grabs in Philadelphia.  Will the reign of Adam Cole continue, or will 2011 become "The Year of the Fox"?  Tickets are on sale in the CZW Pro Shop for this event as well as "Tournament of Death X" in Townsend, Delaware on Saturday afternoon, June 25th!  Don't delay; order your tickets NOW!!!

Written for by CJ Becker

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