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The Top 10 of CZW - April, 2013
Saturday, May 4, 2013 @ 08:02pm EDT

Each month, the staff at has been ranking the wrestlers of CZW based on their win-loss record, their place on the card, the crowd reaction they receive, any titles won or lost, and other intangible qualities that made that wrestler stick out from the pack.  Since its inception, this list has proved to be controversial; surely it will be very much the same this month.  Please remember, this list is not the official standings controlled by CZW Management.  Without further a due, this is the Top 10 of CZW for April, 2013!

CHAMPION – MASADA – Not even the Crazy Monkey could defeat the Ultraviolent Beast.  With the erratic Christina Von Eerie at his side, he is even more unstoppable than before.  At Proving Grounds, it will be a clash of styles when he is challenged by OI4K’s Jake Crist.

#1 – (1) – AR Fox –
Shockingly AR Fox failed in his third attempt to become Best of the Best.  But AR Fox still reigns as CZW Wired TV Champion.  AR Fox will be in attendance to hear Colon’s “Best Address.”  It is expected that Colon will directly address the People’s Choice.

#2 – (3) – Adam Cole – Best of the Best finally settled it.  Cole is clearly the top prospect in the world of wrestling today.  However, Cole was humbled and showed due respect to his professional rival.  What’s next for the Panama City Playboy in CZW?

#3 – (2) – Sami Callihan – Unfortunately for Callihan, he may always be seen as number two to Cole.  However, many believe he doesn’t care as he fully respects the Panama City Playboy now.  What may do Callihan in is the secret that DJ Hyde knows and plans to reveal at Proving Grounds.

#4 – (-) – Alex Colon –
The leader of 4Loco shocked the world just under a month ago when he became the 12th Best of the Best winner.  This came after a losing streak which resulted in him nearly walking out of CZW after Wanted.  In one night, Colon changed his fortune and took home the most prestigious trophy in professional wrestling.  At Proving Grounds, Colon plans to address the Combat Zone specifically AR Fox.

#5 – (6) – Drake Younger – Younger is normally one of the most jovial athletes in the CZW locker room.  But at WrestleCon, it all changed.  The miscue at the 14th Anniversary has led to the disintegration of a friendship between Younger and the Nation of Intoxication.  Clearly, the intoxicated Lucky 13 knew that spitting alcohol in the face of the sober Younger was the ultimate disrespect.  After WrestleCon, there is probably no repairing this friendship.

#6 – (9) – DJ Hyde –
Being the owner of CZW has its perks.  One of those perks is knowing your employees better than anyone else in the company.  Many question how powerful Hyde is…  But at Proving Grounds we may know exactly how powerful he is when he plans to reveal Callihan’s secret.

#7 – (8) – Pepper Parks –
This fitness guru has made his mark on the Combat Zone by trying to make it a healthier environment.  The question is…  Can he back it up in the ring?  Parks has had limited matches in CZW.  He’s won most of the matches he has competed in, but then again he has competed against CZW’s top talent.  But for now, what will be his next fitness tip at Proving Grounds?

#8 – (10) – Joe Gacy – Since breaking away from his partner one year ago, the Chainsaw has become a top talent in the Combat Zone.  On wrestling’s biggest stage, Gacy put down the fan favorite, Matt Tremont.  One week later at Best of the Best, Gacy quieted the CZW faithful again by not allowing Tremont to answer Mathis’s open challenge.  For the first time in his career, Gacy is nearing the top of the CZW mountain.  Could he be eying one of CZW’s top prizes?

#9 – (-) – Jake Crist –
OI4K has been on a roll since (re)forming in July.  Now Jake has the chance of a lifetime when he is next to step up to the plate and challenge the Ultraviolent Beast.  In one week’s time could we see Jake Crist atop this list?

#10 – (5) – Danny Havoc – Many usually enjoy the antics of Danny Havoc and the Nation of Intoxication, but not when it comes in between a friendship.  As Havoc prepares for Tournament of Death XII, what will happen when he and Younger are once again under the same roof at Proving Grounds?

Honorable Mention – (-) Lucky 13 – See Danny Havoc
Dropped Off The List:
(4) – Matt Tremont –
For the first time since Cage of Death, Tremont finds himself off the list thanks to Joe Gacy.  The Chainsaw may be the one man to stop the Bulldozer in his tracks for good!
(7) – Shane Strickland – Failing to escape the first round of Best of the Best, Strickland falls off the list this month.
(HM) Alex Reynolds – Reynolds may have fallen off the list this month, but that can all change if he and John Silver capture the Tag Team Championships at Proving Grounds.

Watch Out For:
Jessicka Havok –
Havok is looking to dismantle OI4K next Saturday.  First, she called out the Death Machine Sami Callihan to a match at the Queen and King of the Ring.  Then at Proving Grounds she seeks revenge against Nevaeh.  In one night she could completely change the landscape of the Combat Zone.

Ultraviolent Athletes – Every year at this time that one of a kind breed emerges once again to claim wrestling’s most sadistic trophy…  This year is no different.  With only four competitors announced thus far, many men will be looking to make there mark in CZW when it kicks off the 2013 Summer of Ultraviolence!

So that is the Top Ten List for April, 2013Tell us what you think about the Top 10 List by “Liking” CZW on Facebook.  You can also join the conversation on Twitter @combatzone #CZWTop10.  Be sure to come back every month to see how the Top 10 List fleshes itself out.

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