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The Top 10 of CZW – December, 2012
Friday, December 21, 2012 @ 12:03pm EST

Each month, the staff at has been ranking the wrestlers of CZW based on their win-loss record, their place on the card, the crowd reaction they receive, any titles won or lost, and other intangible qualities that made that wrestler stick out from the pack.  Since its inception, this list has proved to be controversial; surely it will be very much the same this month.  Please remember, this list is not the official standings controlled by CZW Management.  Without further a due, this is the Top 10 of CZW for December, 2012. , the final rankings of 2012!

CHAMPION – MASADA – Many believed that MASADA’s time was up when he was challenged by Drake Younger at Cage of Death 14.  But once again, MASADA lived up to his name sake “The Ultraviolent Beast.”  MASADA’s reign is quickly becoming something of legend, especially considering he defeated the longest reign CZW World Champion in history earlier this month.  However, MASADA may have finally met his match…  As Joe Gacy became the first man to ever leave MASADA laying at Cage of Death!

#1 – (1) – AR Fox – AR Fox may be super-human.  The crowd at Cage of Death 14 witnessed a man who demanded competition and got it in the form of a former CZW World Champion and WON!  AR Fox moves around the Combat Zone like something out of a comic.  Now that the man has overcome his shortcomings which plagued his early career in the Combat Zone, he has become unstoppable.  Fox defines the “Most Exciting Championship in Wrestling” every time he laces up his boots, and the only way he can be beat is if someone more exciting comes along.

#2 – (-) – Adam Cole – Like it or not…  Cole has once again found a place near the top of this list after backing up his statements at Cage of Death 14 against Sami Callihan.  We at surely question his attitude, but cannot deny his dominance over Combat Zone the last few years.  Now that he has cemented his status as the top prospect in professional wrestling today, what is next for the Panama City Playboy?

#3 – (2) – Sami Callihan – Is the curse back for Callihan?  It has been well documented that Callihan hasn’t been able to win “the big one” in his career.  At Night of Infamy 2011 that all changed.  But now that Cole has come back on the scene in CZW, it has become evident that he has Callihan’s number.  Could this be the end of Callihan’s dominance in the Combat Zone?  Only time will tell.

#4 – (8) – Greg Excellent – CZW’s jovial resident climbs the list thanks to his very own mother!  The Excellent family continues their tradition of making statements at Cage of Death, and this year was no different.  Excellent and his mother made the statement that CZW doesn’t need nor want change!  But the big story came afterwards when the equally lovable Colt Cabana made his way to the ring to challenge Excellent to a match at WrestleCon this April!  In just over four months time we will find out who is the more jovial combatant in wrestling.

#5 – (-) – Matt Tremont – The Bulldozer blasts his way back on the top ten list after risking life and limb by driving himself with DJ Hyde through FIVE panes of glass at Cage of Death 14.  Tremont has achieved his ultimate dream, but what lies ahead now that he finally has gained the respect he deserved from the Owner of CZW?

#6 – (7) – Joe Gacy – 2013 may become the year of the Chainsaw.  He closed out 2012 in a shocking manner by leaving the CZW World Champion lying in the ring.  With the sadistic Christina Von Eerie by his side, Gacy may now have the edge going into his match on January 12th at Ascension.

#7 – (3) – Jake Crist – Cage of Death 14 is being touted as the best event the company has ever held.  Unfortunately for OI4K they cannot agree.  First, Callihan lost to Adam Cole.  Then, Jake Crist let his emotions get the best of him.  It was when BLK Jeez spit in the face of Nevaeh, Jake’s Wife, where all hell broke loose.  The chaos spread throughout the arena when the two teams caused a near riot in Voorhees.  The referee had no decision other than to throw away the match, just as we here have no choice but to drop the Crist’s brothers down the list.

#8 – (4) – Dave Crist – See Jake Crist

#9 – (10) – Nation of Intoxication – The Nation of Intoxication all tie for the number nine spot after a career defining performance at Cage of Death 14.  The group’s ultraviolent and light heavyweight styles were both on display in the Ultraviolent Insanity Match.  All three men impressed officials and fans alike by regaining the CZW Tag Team Championships.  Now that their war is done with 4Loco…  Who is next in line?

#10 – (5) – DJ Hyde – Hyde falls poetically fives spots on the list, this after falling through five panes of glass.  Could this be the end of Hyde’s reign of dominance in the ultraviolent style?  Will he remain focused on taking the Combat Zone to the next level?  Time will tell…  But after Reflections and Refractions, Hyde is quite determined to put CZW on the map in 2013!

Honorable Mention – (-) “The Ego” Robert Anthony – Fox wanted a challenge…  And boy did he get it.  Robert Anthony returned from his sabbatical to show that no one’s ego is bigger than his!  Despite failing to capture the CZW Wired TV Championship, the Ego showed why he is a former CZW World Champion!
Dropped Off The List:
(8) – Drew Gulak – Gulak falls off the list after failing to put down the Excellents.  But what was more interesting is the fact that Gulak was even more afraid of Niles “Young” Sozio.  Clearly Gulak is in need of some change within his campaign whether it is for personal, political, or professional gain.
(9) – Alex Colon – The leader of 4Loco has to be embarrassed how 2012 ended for the group after scorching a path of dominance through the second half of the year.  Colon has a chance to change his fortune all around when he faces Shane Strickland in three weeks time at Ascension.

Watch Out For:
Sure they were unable to become number one contender’s at Cage of Death…  But they did what they always have done...  Made a statement!  Like it or not, BLK OUT is here to stay!

Pepper Parks – When he’s not constantly making out with his fiancée Cherry Bomb or “helping” the Combat Zone…  He’s been a proven commodity in the ring.  It shouldn’t take long for this man to see some accolades come his way in 2013.

Shane Strickland – Now that the New Flavor has his respect, he can now focus on truly making his name in the Combat Zone.  With WrestleCon around the corner, he will definitely be wanting to showcase himself more in the coming weeks and months.

Colt Cabana – Who would have ever thought that “Boom Boom” would ever step foot in a CZW ring?  After all he has accomplished throughout his career, he has no need to step inside the realm of Ultraviolence.  Clearly he wants to make a statement when he returns to CZW this April for WrestleCon.  Has Cabana ushered in the old CZW tagline… “Expect the unexpected”?

So that is the Top Ten List for December, 2012Tell us what you think about the Top 10 List by “Liking” CZW on Facebook.  You can also join the conversation on Twitter @combatzone #CZWTop10.  You can even text us your thoughts via our Text Messaging Service!  Be sure to come back every month to see how the Top 10 List fleshes itself out.

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