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Results from Saturday’s Cerebral Event
Monday, October 15, 2012 @ 07:27pm EDT

The road to Cage of Death XIV began Saturday in Voorhees, NJ with Cerebral.  MASADA faced his biggest challenge for the CZW World Championship when the legendary Necro Butcher returned to the Combat Zone.  The war between the Nation of Intoxication and 4Loco ramped up as Azrieal and Bandido Jr. challenged Danny Havoc and Devon Moore for the CZW Tag Team Championship, while Alex Colon battled Lucky 13.  What happened when DJ Hyde stepped back into the Combat Zone after firing Matt Tremont three weeks ago at Redemption?  All that and so much more happened Saturday at Cerebral in the Flyers Skate Zone in Voorhees, NJ.  To find out what happened continue to read on.

Pre-Show Matches
Rex Lawless def. Kit Osbourne

The impressive powerhouse Rex Lawless made a huge statement when he defeated Kit Osbourne

Young Money (Mr. Nate Carter & The DMC) def. Drolix & Biff Busick
The young upstart team made quite the impression when they defeated two men who were also out to impress CZW Officials.

Main Show
Sami Callihan def. Pepper Parks via the Stretch Muffler

The newest member of the CZW Roster, Pepper Parks, along with his sexy bombshell fiancée, Cherry Bomb, kicked off the event making the statement that he is better than everyone on the CZW Roster.  This prompted OI4K led by Sami Callihan to interrupt the power couple.  Callihan sent OI4K to the back and accepted the challenge on the condition that Parks send Cherry Bomb to the back as well.  However, it wasn’t long before Cherry Bomb made her presence felt.  But Nevaeh made sure that Cherry Bomb couldn’t affect the outcome of the match.  Despite dominating much of the match, Parks bit off more than he could chew when he was forced to tap to the Stretch Muffler.

Nevaeh def. Cherry Bomb
Following the end of the Callihan/Parks match, the battle between Nevaeh and Cherry Bomb continued right into their previously announced match.  Much like her future husband, Cherry Bomb dominated much of the match but in the end fell to OI4K’s Nevaeh.

DJ Hyde Announced Deadly Double Header with EVOLVE on 12/08
Hyde made his first public address since firing Matt Tremont.  But much to the dismay of the CZW Owner, Tremont along with his wife purchased tickets to the event and even passed out T-Shirts aimed at DJ Hyde that read “You’re a douche bag!”  Despite the disturbance Tremont was causing, Hyde went on to announced that EVOLVE will hold an event prior to Cage of Death XIV in December!

Ruckus w/Robbie Mireno def. “Bionic” Dustin Rayz
Ruckus started off one of the biggest nights of his career with a victory over the sadistic Dustin Rayz.  However, many believe this loss will only fuel the insanity of Rayz.

Greg Excellent def. BLK Jeez
BLK Jeez made his triumphant return to the Combat Zone, but not by being victorious.  Greg Excellent embarrassed the national television star when he sat on the face of BLK Jeez, with nothing but his Superman Underwear on for the victory!  But the bigger story was what happened following the contest…  Robbie Mireno and Ruckus ran to the ring to assault the beloved Excellent with Jeez.  Following the beat down, Mireno, Ruckus, and BLK Jeez made it quite clear that the original BLK OUT was back and have their eyes set on the CZW Tag Team Championships!

4Loco (Azrieal & Bandido Jr.) w/Chrissy Rivera def. Nation of Intoxication (Danny Havoc & Devon Moore) to become the NEW CZW Tag Team Champions!
4Loco was at it again when they tricked the entire Combat Zone into believing that Azrieal was too ill to compete and Colon would be replacing him.  It was instantly realized that it was a surprise attack, which set the stage for the end of the Nation of Intoxication’s Tag Team Championship reign.

Drew Gulak w/ his NEW Campaign for a Better Combat Zone def. Latin Dragon
Following the recent string of injuries, Gulak had Kimber Lee far away from Cerebral this month.  However, Gulak seeming replaced Mr. Tofiga and Dewey Donovan with Niles Young and Biff Busick.  Meanwhile, Alexander James still kept his job on the Campaign.  Thanks to help from Busick and James, Gulak got a bit of retribution for the fallen Tofiga when he defeated the Latin Dragon.

DJ Hyde Supports the Campaign’s Cause
Following Gulak’s victory, DJ Hyde came to the ring to become an official backer of the Campaign for a Better Combat Zone.  To show his support, Hyde made two of Gulak’s biggest pet peeves illegal…  The use of air horns and the tossing of toilet paper into the ring.  However, that didn’t stop the crowd from using either item!  In fact, Matt Tremont’s girlfriend, who was seated next to Tremont, joined in the “civil” disobedience!  Thanks to her actions, Hyde decided to fire back calling her a “whore.”  With that Tremont attempted to jump the guardrail, giving Hyde the ammo to eject both Tremont and his girlfriend from the building.  The scene that followed became intense that residents of the neighborhood unknowingly assisted Hyde by calling the Police over the commotion!

Alex Colon def. Lucky 13
4Loco walked away with two victories, but even more important in their eyes, they injured the former CZW World Champion, Devon Moore.

OI4K def. Dynamic Duo (Rich Swann & ACH)
In an exciting contest, OI4K made it known that they are here to take over every facet of the Combat Zone!

Joe Gacy interrupts the event
After failing to capture the World Championship at Redemption, Gacy came out to raise hell by getting into the face of CZW Ring Announcer, Larry Legend.  Before he could make his intentions clear, a drunken Christina Von Eerie came stumbling to the ring demanding that to announce the World Championship match.  When it seemed as though Gacy had her under control, she suddenly took her 40 Bottle and smashed it over the head of Larry Legend!

MASADA def. Necro Butcher

With Christina Von Eerie creepily ring announcing and watching the match unfold, MASADA was victorious in his toughest challenge to date.  Following the match, Von Eerie made her way to the ring and congratulated MASADA in the weirdest way…  By licking his blood off his face.  This clearly upset the Ultraviolent Beast as he decided to powerbomb the misfit bombshell to end the night!

To watch all the action unfold, keep your computers logged onto as this event will be available on demand and DVD very shortly!

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