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Cowhey Chronicles for 03/20/12
Tuesday, March 20, 2012 @ 06:03pm EDT

Matt Tremont is Now “THE MAN”

It has been a very long time since I’ve simply blogged here on .  I have been very busy working on various projects for CZW and just simply haven’t had the time to.  Over the last few months however, another guy has been very busy becoming one of the top Ultraviolent Athletes to ever step foot in the Combat Zone…  That man’s name is Matt Tremont.

Unfortunately for the Combat Zone, we lost Nick Gage to outside circumstances over 12 months ago.  Those who have been following the Combat Zone since the beginning know what a huge blow that was to the spirit of CZW.  Gage was pretty much the last of the original Ultraviolent Athletes.
However, it seemed that from the ashes of “The Man” arose a new “Man,” the “Bulldozer” Matt Tremont.  If I didn’t know any better, I would have thought that Tremont was the son of Nick Gage.  Tremont has that attitude that screams “I’m going to destroy you.”  And that is just putting it mildly.  Ever since emerging from the crowd at the Asylum Arena about a year ago, he has made the statement…  “I’m the new man!”  But unlike others who have tried to become the focal point of the Combat Zone, Tremont is still a humble man.  Since failing to win Tournament of the Death X last June, Tremont has made it his mission to prove himself all in hopes of how he put it…  To take his place among the “Gages, Butchers, and Mondos.”
The last time we saw a man do almost the same thing was DJ Hyde.  It was not that long ago that the Combat Zone was focused on the Lariat.  DJ Hyde had to go through the same trials and tribulations that he is currently putting Tremont through.  In the end, Hyde did take his place among the “Gages, Butchers, and Mondos” and became a Tournament of Death winner.
However the differences between the two are like night and day.  Tremont has taken his beatings like a man.  He has stood up to the top Ultraviolent Athletes in the Combat Zone today, including but not limited to MASADA, Brain Damage, Danny Havoc, and Necro Butcher.  Despite not always coming out on top, you can see that the Bulldozer has learned more about his craft and is slowly becoming THE Man to beat in Tournament of Death XI.  But DJ Hyde, it seems that once he reached the pinnacle he has done nothing but attempt to hold down those who now seek greatness.  It seems to drive him crazy that people like Greg Excellent, Sami Callihan, and now Matt Tremont are the men that now represent CZW on the websites and magazines.  Sure, Hyde is the owner of CZW and does deserve a lot of credit for creating the business relationships he now has with BJW, POP, Fight Club: Pro, and wXw.  But unfortunately, the media doesn’t care about those things in the end.  All they care about is the competition.  For DJ Hyde…  That just isn’t his forte anymore.  Hyde has been embarrassed a few times now over the last six months, while Tremont has been having his moniker chanted in every building the Combat Zone has visited in those same six months.
I don’t know if you noticed, but at the 13th Anniversary event that is now available at…  Hyde and Tremont shot daggers through each other with their eyes.  Last time out at Aerial Assault, Tremont just cut to the chase and demanded an Ultraviolent Encounter with The Boss at Best of the Best 11.  Every time Tremont has been in front of Hyde is seems as though Hyde just can’t give him props like he once did for Adam Cole.  Instead he calls him “boy.”  Sure, maybe a year ago he was simply a boy in the Combat Zone…  But now he truly is the Man of the Ultraviolent scene in CZW.
Like it or not, DJ…  Tremont is now the Man.
After Hyde’s actions a couple weeks ago, I wouldn’t be surprised if Hyde has more tactics up his sleeve like that.  But honestly, after Aerial Assault I believe Tremont is now a Bulldozer fueled on revenge!  So if I were Hyde, I would hope my “plan” is surely a solid one!
Until next time…  You stay classy, CZW Fans…
Dan Cowhey

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