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Results from Saturday’s 13th Anniversary Event
Monday, February 13, 2012 @ 07:06pm EST

Combat Zone Wrestling celebrated its 13th Anniversary this past Saturday at the Flyers Skate Zone in Voorhees, NJ, in the state where it all began!  It wouldn’t be an Anniversary without a little bit of controversy, and was there controversy for sure!

Greg Excellent def. Niles Young
After finally escaping the bowels of the Arena, Niles Young returned to action against Greg Excellent.  Excellent had no problem exploiting Young’s now extreme homophobia in his victory over the resident Italian star.

Immediately following the match, Excellent’s new archrival, Mia Yim, came to the ring to lay out yet another challenge towards Excellent.  She demanded that at Aerial Assault on March 10th from Boyle’s World Gym in Northeast Philadelphia that they compete in a Tables, Ladders, and Chairs Match!  Excellent accepted the challenge and stated that he will give Yim all the “Tender, Love, and Care” she needs!

Alex Colon def. Kimber Lee in an impromptu match
Kimber Lee and the Runaways seemed to have bit off more they could chew on Saturday.  Kimber Lee came to the ring and ran her mouth about their war with BLK OUT over the last few months.  After a few moments of verbal jousting between both teams, it was Alex Colon who decided to go “domestic” on Kimber Lee!  Colon pulled out all the stops, because as Best of the Best Qualifier he could not look weak!  In the end, it was Colon practically kicking Kimber Lee’s head into the second row and securing the victory!

Azrieal & Bandido Jr. def. The Runaways to retain the CZW Tag Team Championships
Before the ring could clear, all hell broke loose when the Runaways and BLK OUT continued their war.  Within seconds, the Tag Team Champions ran down to the ring to get in on the action as they had unfinished business with both teams.  Finally the referee regained order and the Tag Team Championship Match that was scheduled could begin.  Once again, Azrieal & Bandido Jr. proved why they are the current and reigning CZW Tag Team Champions.

Drake Younger def. Adam Cole
In what is being called the Match of the Night, Drake Younger went to battle again to teach some respect to the younger Adam Cole.  Despite his best efforts, things just went from bad to worse for Adam Cole.  Cole was defeated by the former World Champion, after failing at every attempt to cheat his way to victory.

Sami Callihan def. DJ Hyde in an Ultraviolent Rules Match
It has been well documented how much these two men hate each other.  These men battled all around the Skate Zone and used everything that wasn’t nailed down as a weapon against each.  The two reminded many fans in attendance of the Broad Street Bullies with the way they threw each other into the hockey boards!  Much like his protégé, Hyde attempted to cheat his way to victory.  Despite the help he receive from Adam Cole, Sami Callihan was once again victorious in the Combat Zone.  After the match, it was clear that DJ Hyde was not happy with the outcome or Cole.  The two men got into a verbal argument in front of the live audience before both men stormed off into the locker room.

Just as Hyde was leaving, however, “The Bulldozer” Matt Tremont appeared and stared down the boss.  Tremont then gave his “T.O.D. Address” where he proclaimed that Tournament of Death 11 was his and he will take his spot among the “Butchers, Mondos, and Gages” on June 23rd from the Ultraviolent Underground in Townsend, Delaware!

Danny Havoc def. Rory Mondo in a Deathmatch Trial Match
Once again it was Danny Havoc’s job to judge the combatants in the Deathmatch Trial Series.  Just like Super Saturday, Havoc was victorious!  But once again, Mondo impressed the Deathmatch Drunkard with his heart and determination. 

Dave Crist, Mr. Tofiga, and Chuck Taylor def. Jake Crist, Lucky, and AR Fox
Prior to the match it was apparent that AR Fox is upset with the newcomer, Uhaa Nation, who once again pulled out of his scheduled CZW match.  However, Crist found the suitable replacement in Chuck Taylor.  In a match that had all these clashing personalities, it came down to Mr Tofiga and Jake Crist.  Tofiga would have been credited with the victory if it weren’t for the jealous Dave Crist shoving off the big man and stealing the victory for himself.

BLK Jeez def. Homicide in a Voorhees Street Fight
The turf war between the Kings of New York and Philly’s Most Wanted continued in the neutral territory of Voorhees, New Jersey.  These two men literally threw everything they had at each other.  This time it was the self proclaimed “King of Philly” who took home the victory after Joker interjected himself into the match.

The Three Way Dance to name a NEW #1 Contender ended in a No Contest
This match can be called the most controversial match on the show.  At the conclusion of the match, MASADA was temporarily removed from the match after being sent through a menagerie of steel chairs.  Then in the closing moments, Anthony and Moore collided and somehow managed to both have their shoulders down on the mat.  Referee Brett Lauderdale counted both men for a pin and controversially declared the match a no contest.  Devon Moore quickly took the microphone for five more minutes to determine a number one contender but the Ego refused.

Scotty Vortekz def. Drew Gulak to retain the CZW World Championship
In the main event of the night and despite having the deck stacked against him, Scotty Vortekz “saved” the Combat Zone from change for at least the short term.  Thanks to some help from his Nation of Intoxication brethren, Vortekz stopped Gulak from becoming CZW World Champion.

For more about what transpired after the event, Click here to watch the CZW Aftershow Xclusive!

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