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Three Men… Only One Contender!
Thursday, January 26, 2012 @ 10:49am EST

Over the last few months, MASADA, Robert Anthony, and Scotty Vortekz have laid claim to championship matches.  All three men have challenged for Devon Moore’s championship at least twice, but all three men have fallen short of CZW World Championship glory.  Earlier this week, the CZW Newsletter announced that all three men will have one more chance to challenge whoever is the World Champion following the February 4th and 11th events.  But first they must face each other at February 11th’s 13th Anniversary event from the Flyers Skate Zone in Voorhees, NJ to name the NEW number one contender!

It has been well documented that the second half of 2011 was MASADA’s breakout time.  It all began when the “International Death Match Superstar” won the Tournament of Death X trophy.  From there he challenged and defeated Danny Havoc for the Ultraviolent Underground Championship in what has been called one of the bloodiest matches in CZW history at New Heights!  He retained that same championship against Big Japan Wrestling’s Death Match Champion, Ryuji Ito, at Down with the Sickness.  Many claim that if it weren’t for Robert Anthony’s interruption at Night of Infamy, MASADA would be World Champion of the Combat Zone right now.  Excuses or not, MASADA ended 2011 by losing to Devon Moore inside then Cage of Death…  AGAIN!  But, 2012 is a new year…  And the “Ultraviolent Beast” is surely out for revenge!

Robert Anthony, on the other hand, was absent much of the time MASADA was beginning to dominate the Combat Zone.  After losing the Championship to Devon Moore at Best of the Best X, Anthony went down with an injury that kept him on the sidelines until Night of Infamy.  When “The Ego” emerged, he screwed MASADA out of a championship victory and demanded a rematch from Devon Moore.  Unfortunately for Anthony, that rematch came in the form of a Cage of Death!  Being it was his first TRUE Ultraviolent match in the Combat Zone, “The Ego” was at a distinct disadvantage.  No one can discredit the star of “Fridays with Ego,” as he went “balls to the wall” and actually sent Vortekz and himself through the glass wall of the cage shattering their title hopes at the same time!  But like MASADA, 2012 is a new year for Robert Anthony…  And “The Ego” surely will not stop until he becomes World Champion for a second time!

For Scotty Vortekz, much of his 2011 was focused on his feud with his friend, Drake Younger.  That war with his friend proved to the entire Combat Zone that he was a top tier competitor on the CZW Roster.  Vortekz made his intentions clear in November at Déjà Vu when he challenged for the championship, despite the loss he asked his friend for a rematch inside the Cage of Death!  Once again, the heart and determination of the “Naptown Dragon” shined in the marquee match.  But the spectacular powerbomb through the glass wall from Anthony proved to be Vortekz’s undoing.  After taking a month off from action, Vortekz, like his opponents, is ready to make 2012 the year he becomes World Champion!

Three men will enter the Flyers Skate Zone on February 11th, but only one will walk out as the NEW Number One Contender for the CZW World Heavyweight Championship!  Get your tickets at the CZW Pro Shop NOW…  And come celebrate 13 years of CZW World Championship matches!

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