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It’s Now A War!
Monday, September 26, 2011 @ 02:05pm EDT

The tag teams division has been heating up ever since Philly’s Most Wanted has declared their dominance of the division.  Every tag team across the globe wants nothing more than to take the championships from Joker and BLK Jeez and shut them up for good!  The Runaways and BLK OUT are just two of those teams that would gladly captain the tag team division in CZW.  In the midst of their chase for tag team gold, these two teams have found themselves in a war with each other that will continue at Cerebral on October 7th as Joe Gacy will battle Alex Colon, while Ryan Slater will do battle with BLK OUT founder, Ruckus.

This war started back at Tangled Web 4 during the number one contender’s four way match.  Just as it looked like BLK OUT had the victory, the Runaways came in to try and steal the victory away…  The end result was the two teams brawling on the outside while Azrieal and Bandido Jr. took the victory and the number one contender’s spot.  In a grudge match back at Down With The Sickness, just as it looked like Robbie Mireno and Chrissy Rivera were going to help steal the victory for Colon and Ruckus, again the Runaways made sure that would not happen.  This time it was Kimber Lee foiling BLK OUT and bringing Mireno to his knees!  The Runaways then took things too far when they annihilated the “First Lady of BLK OUT,” Chrissy Rivera.

At Cerebral, both teams will step out of their comfort zone and will compete in singles contests.  Joe Gacy is scheduled to take on Alex Colon.  Gacy, the bigger of the Runaways, is definitely not someone to take lightly as Gacy has been in plenty of big match situations during his tenure in CZW.  However, Colon has been on a role in 2011 after nearly qualifying for Best of the Best X.  What is even more impressive is that Colon has been dealing with many nagging injuries over the last few months and has still been unstoppable.

Also at Cerebral, the former World Champion, Ruckus, will take on Ryan Slater.  Everyone knows the list of credentials that Ruckus brings to the table.  Unfortunately for Slater he will have a task ahead of him to defeat BLK OUT’s “Razzle Dazzle.”  However, one shouldn’t count out Slater…  The last time he was put into a situation he shouldn’t win against Danny Havoc, Slater and Gacy turned the match into their favor quickly.

Will the re-launch of BLK OUT get back on course?  Or will Kimber Lee’s new guidance put The Runaways back on track?  Get your tickets for October 7th’s Cerebral event at the CZW Pro Shop to find out which team makes their mark on the road to Cage of Death XIII on December 3rd.

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