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The Cowhey Chronicles for 09/23/11
Friday, September 23, 2011 @ 08:11pm EDT

No More Road Blocks
It has been awhile since I’ve blogged about the Combat Zone.  Part of it has to do with time, as we’ve been extremely busy with all the planning going into the European tour, the return to “Naptown,” and of course Cage of Death weekend!  After seeing the cards for Europe and witnessing what happened at Down With The Sickness, I felt the need to get back on my soapbox.

For much of this year, the Combat Zone has been focused around the war between Sami Callihan and Adam Cole.  I know I’ve commented on the story from time to time right here on  Obviously, I’m behind Callihan.  He truly is the uncrowned Best Of The Best X Champion, as he never tapped out.  It was after that match when I finally saw Callihan reach his potential and grab that brass ring, only to have it stolen away.
The variable throughout this war is, DJ Hyde.  Hyde has made it well known that Adam Cole is his “money.”  Throughout much of the year, I’ve been very critical of DJ Hyde because of that one issue.  As the summer wore on, I feel as though Hyde’s nepotism started to get out of control.  First Hyde refused to let Callihan get a rematch.  Then at Tournament of Death X, Callihan beat Greg Excellent to earn a future match with DJ Hyde, who if he beat he would finally get his rematch with Cole.  Everyone following?  Long story short here…  DJ Hyde doesn’t want Callihan and Cole in the same ring with each other.  Quite frankly, I don’t think Hyde wants the two in the same building together as Cole was conveniently granted what I assume was “vacation time” throughout the summer and when he returned a few weeks ago at Down With The Sickness, Callihan just so happened to be out of action that night.
Now I know I may seem like I hate DJ Hyde.  But I honestly don’t.  Since coming to CZW myself, I haven’t really had a bad altercation with “the Boss.”  However, that doesn’t mean I think he’s the greatest boss ever.  He’s made very poor decisions.  Callihan has been forced to go through hoops just to get a match with Hyde!  Finally Callihan goes through all the road blocks, and Hyde makes the match between him and Callihan that he earned way back in June for THIS WEEKEND!  Let us rejoice?  Not just yet.  DJ Hyde schedules the match to take place in ENGLAND!  Obviously I don’t like this for selfish reasons.  I, along with Nate Stein, CJ Becker, Rob Naylor, and JAKE Black, are here “State-side” unable to watch this match.  However, I still think it’s a bit unfair.  No offense to our friends “across the pond,” but Philadelphia is Callihan’s home field not England.  Once again, Callihan is put into a situation where DJ Hyde is in control and it’s just not fair.  A year ago I would have been worried, but now…  Callihan has been unstoppable and I think he will go through whatever additional road blocks Hyde has in store this weekend at Project Mayhem.
The story isn’t over…  If my memory serves me correct, Hyde said that if Callihan can beat him he will get a shot at Adam Cole.  Obviously, Callihan won’t be stopped…  Whether it happens this weekend in England doesn’t matter.  I’m telling you, it WILL happen.  However, will Callihan ever get that match with Cole?  I can tell you now that it isn’t going to happen on this European Tour.  Just look at the cards, Cole is in a Junior Heavyweight Tournament during Project Mayhem, and then he is schedule in various other contests when CZW returns to Germany.  It’s just not going to happen.  So who knows when, if ever, we will see Adam Cole versus Sami Callihan.  Because DJ Hyde knows what we already do…  This is the year of the Callihan Death Machine!
Good luck, Hyde…  You’re gonna need it!
Stay Classy,
Dan Cowhey

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