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From the Press Box: Kamikaze Deathmatch… Title vs. Title
Thursday, September 8, 2011 @ 08:44pm EDT

Ever since it was announced that our international partner, Big Japan Pro Wrestling, was sending over "THE DEATHMATCH DRAGON" RYUJI ITO to compete in the Combat Zone THIS SATURDAY, CZW fans have been flooding the office asking who we think will walk away holding both the CZW Ultraviolent Underground Championship & the BJW Deathmatch Heavyweight Championship.  Would it be Ryuji Ito or would it be "THE ULTRAVIOLENT BEAST" MASADA? After exhausting hours of research and debate, the staff here at have decided to once again take time to give thoughts on what is certain to be one of the bloodiest bouts in the history of CZW.

CJ Becker - MASADA - Not since CZW Founder John Zandig has a member of the CZW roster held the BJW Deathmatch Heavyweight Championship.  MASADA has been on a roll in the Combat Zone this year, winning both "Tournament of Death X" & the Ultraviolent Underground Championship in a two week time period.  MASADA has also proven that he will go through ANYTHING to win; from kenzans to fire to taking ultraviolence to a new level in the Gusset Plate Deathmatch at "New Heights".  Ryuji Ito is on his third reign as BJW Deathmatch Heavyweight Champion, having captured the title in May of last year.  Holding such a title for so long is no easy task.  But as the old adage goes..."all good things come to an end".  It's no secret that Masada and Ito hate each other.  While hate can cloud judgment & cause one to make mistakes, I believe it is Masada's hatred of Ito that will be the difference maker in this match.  My gut feeling is MASADA makes history on September 10th & becomes the second CZW competitor to capture the BJW Deathmatch Heavyweight Championship.

Dan Cowhey - MASADA - It will be an honor to watch Ryuji Ito LIVE and in person on September 10th.  It will be sad to watch that same man return home on September 11th without either championship.  I'm choosing MASADA for a few reasons.  Not since Cage of Death XII has any member of the Big Japan locker room left the Combat Zone with a championship or in one piece for that matter.  MASADA is one of the reasons...  It was at Tournament of Death X that MASADA defeated BJW's Masashi Takeda to become Tournament of Death X Champion.  MASADA then defeated Danny Havoc for the Ultraviolent Underground Championship, who previously defeated BJW's Jun Kasai.  On top of those stats, you have the personal vendetta MASADA has against Ito.  MASADA is out for blood, and honestly I think he could careless if he doesn't win this match, which makes him all the more dangerous!  Finally, this match is happening on MASADA's home field...  The Asylum Arena in South Philadelphia.  Ask any athlete...  Competing Philadelphia is like nothing else.  If this was happening in Japan it may be a different story, but its not.

JAKE Black - Ryuji Ito - MASADA has been absolutely on fire (and setting Masashi Takeda on fire in the process)  since the  beginning of the summer of 2011. The question that is posed, is can he maintain this momenteum as the summer comes to an end? On September 10th is Philadelphia, MASADA faces a cornerstone of Japanese Death Match wrestling in Ryuji Ito. MASADA comes into the match the Tournament of Death X champion and the defending CZW UVU Champion. No one in CZW has had a summer full of more mutalation than MASADA. Ito comes to the U.S as the defending BJW Death Match Champion, Ito will stop at nothing to inflict as much physical pain onto "The Ultraviolent Beast" to walk out of Philadelphia as double champion. MASADA will be ready though. MASADA knows what to expect from Ito. MASADA will use his animalistic instincts to ravage Ito and walk out as a double champion. Picking a winner, yeah, that's not easy. It'd be easier to say, there will be bloodshed, there will be carnage, and most likley there will be a career-altering injury. One of these men will walk away as BJW Death Match Champion and CZW UVU Champion, but both of these men will walk away (assuming they can) knowing they've been through an ultraviolent engagment where they will never be the same again. In the end, I'll have to pick Ito.

Rob Naylor - Ryuji Ito - The term "Deathmatch Legend" is thrown around a lot, but in my opinion, nobody wears that description quite as well as Ryuji Ito. One of the most decorated DM competitors in this history of wrestling, this sadistic athlete has spilled as much plasma as ANYONE in trying to cement his name in hardcore history over the past 11 years. He's Deathmatch Tested and as creatively violent as anyone to ever compete in hardcore matches. His axe kicks will be aimed firmly in MASADA's direction this weekend and the badass from WACO had better bring his "A" game to this fight, and it's not going to be a "wrestling match", it's gonna be a fight between these two, who's relationship in real life makes Shawn and Bret in 1997 look like Shawn and Bret in 2011 by comparison. This one is gonna be all-out war, but Ito has been, is and will remain one of the most evil human beings on the planet and Philadelphia and unfortunately MASADA will bear witness to Ito's bad intentions this Saturday night. This match will NOT be for the faint of heart. If asked to pick a winner, I've got to go with Ito, who's DeathMatch reputation is on the line and I just can't see him flying all the way to the US, to lose.

Salamander Jones- Ryuji Ito - When looking at these two competitors on paper,  the advantage would most likely go to Masada.  The big man has Ito beat in the size & strength departments, and he has the home field advantage.  Masada is also riding a huge wave of momentum going into this match, having won T.O.D. earlier this summer as well as becoming the new UVU champion over Danny Havoc just a few weeks ago.  Let's not count out Ito just yet.  Ryuji Ito is a 4x BJW Champion who possesses lethal kicks and little regard for his own well being.  He was the longest reigning BJW Champion in history, holding the title just shy of 2 years & 5 months.  He has the experience advantage, and has been in every conceivable ultraviolent encounter one can imagine.  With so much on the line (not to mention the fact that these two are not strangers and they absolutely HATE each other), these warriors will give everything they have and give each other all they can take in order to walk out on the Combat Zone with both prestigious titles and some serious bragging rights.  I think that if Ito can weather the storm that is "The Ultraviolent Beast" Masada, if he can survive long enough against a vicious, unrelenting onslaught, then experience may (just barely) win the day.

Tickets for Down With the Sickness are on sale now in the CZW Pro Shop.  Be sure to order yours today!  Don't miss out on what is certain to be a very bloody stop on the road to Cage of Death XIII in December!  Also be sure to vote in our poll here on to share who you think will win what is certain to be an absolute brutal match!

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