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Launch Scheduled For 08/13
Saturday, July 30, 2011 @ 09:28am EDT

August 13th will mark the fourth time CZW has capped off its summer series of events with the Tangled Web Match.  The Tangle Web Match has become as much of signature match as the Cage of Death.  The Combat Zone is always “standing room only” for those matches…  However, there is one match that has also become a staple of the Combat Zone.  It is a match that showcases not the ultraviolent, but the high flying, high velocity action CZW has also been known to showcase.  That match is called The Aerial Assault!  On Saturday August 13, 2011 as part of the special iPPV brought to you by, eight of the best aerial competitors are scheduled to take off!  As of now only six men have been named to this exciting match; tHURTeen, Ryan McBride, Latin Dragon, and Ty Hagan, as well as the returning Chrisjen Hayme and Hy-Zaya.

Many should be familiar by now with the former “One Man Wolf Pack,” tHURTeen.  In recent months, tHURTeen has become an Ultraviolent specialist having competed in Cage of Death XII, Ultraviolent Underground Championship matches, as well as some of the most bloody battles the Combat Zone has ever witnessed.  Prior to his transformation into tHURTeen, tHURTeen was known as one of the top high fliers in all of professional wrestling.  tHURTeen returns to his roots when he launches himself into the Aerial Assault match.
Ryan McBride is no stranger to taking his matches into the airspace above the Combat Zone.  McBride has been “wowing” the fans of CZW for years with his risk taking style, a style that has had him win championships as well as qualify for previous years’ Best of the Best tournaments.  McBride is coming off a win in the YARF Match that qualified him for a future Wired TV Championship match; you have to imagine that this match will be the perfect warm-up for his future bout.
The Latin Dragon will make his iPPV debut on August 13th in a match that he is not familiar with.  However, don’t count out this newcomer.  The Latin Dragon debuted in the Combat Zone a few months ago and handed “The Warrior” Akuma is first singles match loss on an episode of Wired TV.  Since then, The Latin Dragon has been waiting patiently for his next chance to shock the Combat Zone and that could very well happen on Saturday August 13th!
Ty Hagan has been somewhat of a lost dog since his longtime friendship with Adam Cole fell apart.  It seems as though every time Hagan wins a match, he comes up short the next time out.  However, this match may be the cure for all of Hagan’s recent heartache…  The Aerial Assault match may bring Hagan back to a time where he was the hottest commodity in the Combat Zone and one of the top Junior Heavyweights in CZW!
The last two men are names you may not be familiar with…  But you cannot take either man lightly.  First you have Chrisjen Hayme.  Hayme is no stranger to the Combat Zone, having competed in the past, here in CZW.  Then finally you have “The High Flyin’ Ninja” Hy-Zaya.  Hy-Zaya comes to the Combat Zone having impressed the fans of the Mid-West.  Both of the brash younger stars are definitely two men not to take lightly in their Aerial Assault debut.
Stay logged onto in the coming days as CZW Officials announce two more men that will take to the skies inside the Asylum Arena in South Philadelphia for the Tangled Web 4 iPPV on!

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